TTG INOUT 2024, an industry in search of “Veritas”

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TTG INOUT 2024, an event dedicated to the contract and hospitality world, will take place from October 9 to 11 at Rimini Expo Centre. A unique event where the world of hospitality meets the offer of products and services for its project.
Also in line with the proposals of previous years, the next edition presents a leading theme inspired by the current market framework. Because, according to the organizers, the goal is not to indicate a trend, but to condense into a concept characteristics and urgencies expressed by the sector in all facets.
The theme of TTG INOUT 2024 will be “Veritas,” meaning the new transformative tourism proposals continue to respond to the traveler’s desire for personal growth, providing a compass to guide product strategies, communication with both Italian and foreign buyers, and the themes of the many speeches and conferences that will take place during the three-day event. A schedule that will transform the nine Arenas of the event into a laboratory of ideas.

Overcoming “clichés”

In an era when artificial storytelling, reviews that are not always authentic, and false information proliferate on the web, the theme “Veritas” invokes the work of researching “factual truths.” Companies attending TTG INOUT 2024 in the tourism and hospitality industry face an increasingly fundamental challenge: how to provide authentic information, scientifically provable market analysis and verifiable narratives to their customers.
The goal is to overcome “clichés” to recognize that the traveler is no longer simply a consumer, but a thinking, self-determined individual.
A theme that drives the fusion of digital and physical to create a tourism that meets the needs of travelers seeking an adaptive product.

TTG INOUT 2024: New Technologies.

Generative intelligence and flow monitoring and detection systems come to the rescue. Technologies that, however, require human thinking capable of translating numbers and statistics into projects geared toward the sustainable evolution of transportation, hospitality and traveler assistance networks. Technological interconnectedness and the ability to read and decode complex data are the basis of a project that builds an ever closer relationship between the life of the product and the life of customers.
Digital technologies must be used not only to improve operational efficiency, but also to ensure transparency and authenticity.
Architectural spaces dedicated to tourism and hospitality also play a role in telling this “Veritas.” Hospitality facilities, common spaces and entertainment areas must reflect a commitment to authenticity and transparency. And this translates into design that enhances local culture, uses sustainable materials and promotes the preservation of architectural and environmental heritage.
The upcoming TTG INOUT 2024, with its “Veritas,” aims to lead the industry into a new era where truth, ethics and sustainability are the pillars on which to build the future of tourism and hospitality