13th Mercato dei Vini dei Vignaioli: the alliance with oil and bread

13th Mercato dei Vini
[:it]13th Mercato dei Vini[:]

In early June, the 13th Mercato dei Vini dei Vignaioli, which will be held at BolognaFiere from November 23 to 25, was presented. The presentation of the upcoming event organized by Fivi Independent Winemakers took place in the context of the Milan Suffrage Market with the participation of independent olive growers united in FIOI.
As recalled by Lorenzo Cesconi, winemaker and FIVI president, “For some years now we have started a common path with our friends the independent olive growers, recognizing a sort of brotherhood between our trades, both united by the desire to enhance the raw material – grapes and olives – in quality products that reflect the unrepeatable characteristics of a territory.”
To this, Cesconi said again, an additional piece is added. In fact, with master baker and agricultural bread pioneer Davide Longoni, “we say that without wheat you don’t make bread. It sounds like a platitude, but it is not so, because our three sectors are all conditioned by a push toward industrialization, which treats the raw material as a commodity and aims at product standardization, playing only on price and undermining the sustainability of rural supply chains.”

An alliance, the one between winemakers, olive growers and bakers, that Cesconi believes is necessary. Because if wine, oil and bread are the triad of the Mediterranean diet, without the farmers who produce healthy raw materials and the artisans who process them, that diet remains a statement of principle or a mere marketing operation.

2024 edition aims for 30,000 visitors

The 13th Mercato dei Vini dei Vignaioli aims to be a national showcase of this alliance. More than 1,000 wine producers have confirmed their presence and will be accompanied by a large representation of independent olive growers.

Said Domenico Lunghi, Director of Food&Beverage Direct Exhibitions at BolognaFiere, “After the 26,000 admissions recorded last November, this year we aim to reach 30,000 qualified visitors. To this end, we are enhancing some of Bologna’s main atouts. Such as its geographical location, the numerous air and rail connections that make it easily accessible from all over Italy, and the richness of its food, wine, art and landscape.”
In addition, in collaboration with some trade associations, the organizers are working to attract to the fair the consumers most on target with the event. These include customers who are looking for excellent products in Bologna’s restaurants, wine bars and bars.
Not forgetting the many tourists present in Bologna on the dates of the 13th Mercato dei Vini dei Vignaioli https://mercatodeivini.it/, to whom the partner hotels will offer packages of taste itineraries that, winding through the wineries, the culinary specialties of Bologna and its cultural and monumental heritage, will culminate with a visit to the FIVI Wine Market.