Maredamare 2024 edition: the 80s return

Maredamare 2024 edition
[:it]Maredamare 2024 edition[:]

In anticipation of the Maredamare 2024 edition , at Fortezza Da Basso in Florence from July 20 to 22, the international fair of reference in the European beachwear scene presents some of the trends that will characterize summer 2025.
This reveals an expressive force that leaves behind the uncertainty of past years to show itself even more colorful and innovative.
The trend forecasting, curated by Nello Marelli, one of the leading experts in the field, as well as vice president of IACC Italy and “designer of color), provides an idea to visitors and buyers from all over the world who will be at the show what style directions will characterize the industry. Also supporting this will be a special exhibit at the fairgrounds in collaboration with Style-3d. A journey that will take Maredamare 2024 edition guests on an interactive journey to discover the signs and symbols of next year’s summer season.

The 2025 themes: how beach style is changing.

A tribute to inclusiveness, uniqueness and respect for one’s body, even if Imperfect: this is the “Contemporary Twist” style, tailor-made beachwear where lines follow, detail and enhance to seduce. The aesthetic is classic and simple and at times recalls the style of the 1920s of the last millennium, with an emphasis on black and white contrast, and with from draping and pleats that recall the Greek figurative school.

A bohemian atmosphere, romantic and seductive, welcomes exotic prints enriched by precious accessories that illuminate the outfit with glow as well as twisted cords, tubular straps and highlighted handcrafted details lend a refined uniqueness in care. All this is the “Modern Boheme,” sophisticated color combinations that follow the same rule of combining primary and secondary tones but desaturated for ethnic chromatics, elegant floral-themed patterns from Indonesian art.
“Kawaii Chic,” or a measured aesthetic, where the dystonia between old and new changes the rules of style for a new and sophisticated language. Appliqués, ruffles, crochet details restore a flavor of home and one-of-a-kind. Everything is measured, calibrated, like a pastry recipe. Simple and familiar textures, fabric surfaces that bring back to nature, sand dunes, ribbing for jersey garments, tubular knit fabrics, patterns are simple and comfortable, with neutral colors and “make up.”
Finally, “Esprit Athletique,” or the energy of a vitamin summer bursts at the Maredamare 2024 edition Color block, cuts that recall surfwear but proposed in “a cool way” with a technical and technological heart, sporty attitude without excess and compromise. Fabric takes the front row and allows for strong play with performance base layers and second layers. Femininity takes on a brighter color, energizing and 1980s pop. The design is ergonomic, focused on the lines of the body to enhance its shape.