Fieracavalli 2024 unveils new image

Fieracavalli 2024
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Ahead of the upcoming Fieracavalli 2024, scheduled for Nov. 7-10 in Verona, the organizing body presented the event’s new image.
The officialization chose as its location the Roman Piazza di Siena, the stage for the presentation to stakeholders and partners of the new brand identity. The most important event on the international equestrian scene, in fact, has decided to completely rethink its look, so as to make perceptible, from the first glance, its DNA, linked to the enhancement of the horse.

Fieracavalli 2024: graphics and colors change

Starting with the logo, which is transformed from a word into an evocative image where the stylized profile of a horse is framed by an arch that recalls those of the Verona arena. So as to create an impactful, modern visual force capable of transforming passion into true icon.
The representation chosen for the main event is then declined on the fair’s other containers. From Jumping Verona, where the most obvious and immediate word remains “Jumping,” but where the pictogram and font clearly refer to the event, to the 126×126 Gran Premio Fieracavalli 2024. The latter event presents a less institutional graphic form, but consistent with the whole communication of the event.
The color palette is also completely revised, moving from the use of black, red and teal green to a color palette that recalls the flag of Verona, the city that, in 1898, saw the birth of Fieracavalli.
The different shades of yellow and blue thus take center stage not only in the various declinations of the logo, but also in the new graphic layout of the event website, which, as of today, presents itself to the public in its new look.

Fieracavalli 2024: link with Verona emphasized

Federico Bricolo, president of Veronafiere: “The renewal of the brand identity of Fieracavalli 2024, is the latest step in a lasting commitment that Veronafiere is pursuing to enhance and actualize the role and figure of the horse. A splendid animal that manages to bring together passion and economy, sport, sustainable tourism, lifestyle and attention to social issues. The new image of the exhibition looks to the future, but, at the same time, it also graphically emphasizes the link with the city of Verona, which in 126 years has always supported our growth path.”
The enhancement of the horse also continues in the new communication campaign of Fieracavalli 2024 which, this year, sees it as the absolute protagonist, depicted in a rampant pose. This is a way to represent the freedom, strength and beauty that this animal manages to convey at first encounter. Completing the image are, for each version studied, the new graphic and color elements presented today.
The entire project was entrusted to Maurizio Croceri of Croceri Farm, artistic director of the entire communication and rebranding campaign of the Verona event.