Business Leaders Summit 2024: more than 100 speakers

Business Leaders Summit 2024
[:it]Business Leaders Summit 2024[:]

On June 11 and 12, at the Allianz MiCo in Milan, Business International, knowledge unit of Fiera Milano, will launch the new spring edition of Business Leaders Summit 2024. The initiative is designed to support managers and businesses in discussing strategies, challenges, opportunities and trends proposed by the markets. The event also aims to help them find innovative solutions that can interpret the revolution we are experiencing that straddles the quest for sustainability and the desire to explore the unprecedented frontiers of artificial intelligence.
According to international analysts, 500 billion euros per year will be the real economic investment value needed to realize the Twin Transition. In other words, that green and digital transformation that the world now increasingly needs to look to the future. A context in which managers and new talent must improve skills to learn how to embrace the change taking place.

Business Leaders Summit 2024: double news for a double transition

There will be over 100 speakers involved nationally and internationally and over two thousand executives from some of the most important companies operating in Italy. These are some numbers of the main Italian event dedicated to the best C-Levels of contemporary business. An event that for the first time this year has decided to expand its scope to include two other corporate functions. Figures such as those of the chief marketing officer and the chief sustainability officer that turn out to be increasingly central in that transformation process oriented to a business able to be sustainable at 360 degrees and at the same time to produce innovation.
Thus the Cmo Summit and the Chief Sustainability Officer Summit are born, moments of dialogue and confrontation that will allow experts, academics, decision makers and referents of institutions and trade associations to discuss the changes taking place both in companies and in society and the planet. At the same time also seeking to offer timely information and proposals for effective and efficient solutions.

The development of new formats

The new formats will join the already established events produced by Fiera Milano’s business unit.
Under the “hat” of the Business Leaders Summit 2024, therefore, we will find the CFO Summit, dedicated to the world of Finance, the HR Directors Summit, focused on the world of human resources and labor, the CPO Summit on the world of purchasing and Supply Chain. Finally, the Global Risk Forum, designed to engage the Risk Manager community.
The objective, as always, is to create the main networking agora in Italy dedicated to the world of the C-Suite.
A space that will see six different parallel stages and two arenas, where speakers will get involved between gamification, roundtables, best practices, case history presentations and award ceremonies.
There will be an even more extensive and dynamic exhibition area than in other years, where you can get to know new realities of excellence and create new business opportunities.