18th RiminiWellness: the community of fitness lovers meets

18th RiminiWellness
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Scheduled from May 30 to June 2, the 18th RiminiWellness returns to the fairgrounds and the Riviera. Organized by Italian Exhibition Group, the event encloses under one roof all the main realities of the wellness universe: from manufacturers of exercise equipment to gyms to training opportunities, from trade associations to medical spas, health centers, rehabilitation sciences, tourism and design.
A mix of events that unites all souls of living well and staying fit, an integration of six sectors: Fitness, Active, Foodwell, Health, Wellness and Steel. The latter sector represents the toughest activities, among those that can be done in the gym – combat sports, martial arts, physical culture – and their combination with supplements, represented by all the main companies in the sector.

18th RiminiWellness: a discipline for everyone

Many new features will be presented in this 2024 edition.
Such as Curves and Extreme Training by Vida Macura Maglica, designed for women’s wellness. Curves is a network of gyms reserved for women with a 30-minute circuit training program aimed at combining resistance and cardio. Vida Macura Maglica, RW’s international ambassador, offers for the first time in Italy Extreme Training, a program that promises results in just 2 weeks of training-one hour, 3 times a week-thanks to physical movement and without the use of equipment.

18th RiminiWellness: two intense and engaging workouts

After its Italian debut last year, Hyrox returns with on the weekend of June 1-2. It combines 8 km of running with 8 functional exercises in a race format that promotes both participation and physical excellence in individual, pair, and relay categories. In contrast, Metafit offers a 30-minute HIIT regimen that mixes exercises such as squat-jump and burpee with recovery techniques derived from Pilates. And then the return of Italian Showdown, CrossFit®’s premier event in Italy for the fourth time at RW. the competition features a revamped competition format for categories and workouts.

New trends in the water

At 18th RiminiWellness https://www.riminiwellness.com/ Jill Cooper, known for inventing the SuperJump, presents the new variant The Softer Side of SuperJump: Fluid & Core Stability. That is, high intensity fat-burning workouts and techniques inspired by artistic gymnastics, yoga and pilates. Also back in the spotlight are pool activities with Aqua Zumba, which transports the energy and fun of Zumba into the water, with a workout between dance and Caribbean music in an environment that reduces stress on the joints.

For over 80s in legs

Big Ball and Small Ball Fitness for Seniors, on the other hand, is a discipline created for people of an older age, focusing on balance, muscle strength, flexibility and coordination. A therapeutic method useful in preventing disease and counteracting the functional decline of the passing years. The exercises are safe, effective and designed to be fun and challenging.