13th Venditalia: room for innovation and sustainability

13th Venditalia
[:it]13th Venditalia[:]

Everything is ready at Fieramilano Rho for the 13th Venditalia, the main international event for automatic vending (or vending) that will take place May 15-18. Organized by Venditalia Servizi and promoted by Confida, the fair represents a growing sector with a 2023 turnover of around 2 billion euros with 5 billion consumptions.
There will be 300 exhibitors attending, of which 34 percent will come from 32 countries (China, Germany, Spain, the United Kingdom and Turkey among the most represented).

13th Venditalia, the numbers of a healthy sector.

In the field of vending, Italy is an international leader. In fact, our country has the largest automatic food vending network in Europe with more than 830 thousand vending machines installed. It is followed by France (630 thousand), Germany (613 thousand) and England (405 thousand).
In our country there are almost 4 thousand businesses in the sector (+1.5 percent vs 2022). This is according to an elaboration of the Business Registry for Confida, on Q4 2023 data, which also indicates an induced employment of more than 30 thousand people. To these numbers must be added the companies involved in the supply chain: from food producers to manufacturers of accessories and vending machine technologies.

Turnover was up, which in 2023 was 1,620,665,458 euros (+2.61% year-on-year), while vending consumptions stood at 3,974,040,247 (+0.74% vs 2022).
Positive numbers for the Office Coffee Service market, which saw a 2023 turnover of 397,299,901 euros (+1.26% vs. 22) for a total of 1,103,610,836 consumptions (+0.40% vs. 2022).

More digital and dedicated software

13th Venditalia will be a showcase of the main innovations in the industry, which is becoming increasingly advanced thanks to vending technologies that are experiencing a “digital revolution.” Today with connectivity, a vending machine can be managed remotely and connected to the company’s management software. This makes it possible to check the status of the vending machine in real time via the Web, changing settings and parameters and analyzing big data.
In the latest generations of vending machines touch screens are installed in place of traditional push buttons allowing for greater interaction with the consumer and, in hot machines, even customizing product recipes. Finally, cashless digital payment systems, particularly payment apps, are spreading rapidly in the industry.

At 13th Venditalia https://venditalia.com/ space is also given to sustainability. In fact, while manufacturers are convincingly initiating a transition to greener and more sustainable solutions, it is the event itself that is the spokesperson for a message of attention to this now-indispensable value even for the world of trade shows.