RiminiWellness 2024 focuses on training and launches Academy

RiminiWellness 2024
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From May 30 to June 2, RiminiWellness 2024 returns to the Rimini exhibition center. The 18th edition will feature meetings designed to enrich industry knowledge and expertise, explore trends, gain skills, and connect with industry experts and leading professionals both nationally and internationally.

Delving into the future of the industry

Following last year’s success, the States General of Fitness and Wellness are being held again, divided into a series of panels on emerging trends in the market and at the analysis of sector dynamics. Such as “One Wellness: wellness for everyone, anytime, anywhere,” which recalls the concept of “One Health” and highlights the importance of collaboration to ensure universal access to health and wellness.
The RiminiWellness 2024 panel on Hospitality and Real Estate, on the other hand, will explore the role of wellness in hospitality and real estate strategies, a strategic factor in enriching the customer experience and increasing the value of real estate investments.

In the discussion on Innovations for Gyms and Franchises, a panel of experts will highlight winning strategies that combine human skills and digital technologies, outlining the future of gyms and franchise models in the context of global wellness.
Also discussed will be Corporate Wellbeing, which will instead explore best practices for promoting a wellness-oriented corporate culture; and Wellness in Public and Outdoor Spaces, which will illustrate innovative initiatives that improve wellness in communities through the optimization of public spaces and the integration of fitness and health elements into the urban fabric.
On the opening day of RiminiWellness 2024, the Valore Sport Observatory will also be held. Entitled “Physical activity, well-being, growth: impacts and prospects,” it is a multistakeholder platform established in 2022 by The European House – Ambrosetti, and has become a point of reference for the discussion, analysis and strategic positioning of the sports sector in Italy.

More skills and training

New this year will be the RiminiWellness Academy, which aims to offer a range of training programs in the wellness and fitness industry through workshops, seminars and practical sessions. Collaborating with industry experts and academic institutions, the RiminiWellness 2024 Academy www.riminiwellness.com will provide practical knowledge and skills with an interactive and hands-on approach to promote the culture of wellness and physical activity including through sessions dedicated to management and marketing in fitness.
Led by experts and leaders of organizations and associations – the University of Bologna, CLUST-ER Health, Tecnopolo di Rimini, Rete delle Città Sane, Rex Roundtables International, and Sport and Health -, the appointments will be an opportunity for in-depth study of the latest trends and strategies in the field of promotion in the fitness sector.
The Academy will be enriched with a series of workshops and seminars dedicated to new training methodologies.