WMF 2024: presents the training program

WMF 2024
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WMF 2024 – We Make Future is the international fair on Innovation: AI, Tech and Digital that will take place June 13-15 in the spaces, for the first time, of BolognaFiere.
On the agenda are educational meetings with more than a thousand experts and speakers from around the world who will address the main themes of technological, digital and social innovation. With special focus on the evolutions of artificial intelligence.
Also this year, in addition to business opportunities and moments of entertainment, the heart of the event will in fact be education with contributions from around the world thanks to the authoritative voices that will fly to Italy from all continents for the occasion.

Cosmano Lombardo, ceo of Search On Media Group and creator of WMF 2024, about the educational proposal emphasized, “In Bologna the most authoritative international personalities and realities who are changing the world with their way of seeing and acting will be with us. We will discuss and analyze topics such as AI, its applications and evolutions, the creator economy, climate change, innovation and policy, open innovation and much more. It will be, truly, a three-day education, business and show where we will see humans and technology coexisting, brought together with a common goal: to build a better future together.”

AI, coding, e-commerce but not only

Many and varied themes and opportunities for training and in-depth analysis unveiled with the first 65 internships of this edition, appointments aimed at those working in the AI & Digital Tech sector but not only.
At WMF 2024 ample space again this year for the analysis and understanding of AI with 7 internships dedicated to the theme and aimed at exploring its potential for professionals, companies and corporations.
Focus also on information and outreach on major current issues and global challenges, to be addressed collectively with the tools of tech and digital innovation. Space will then be given to the “Human rights” internship, where practices for the defense of human rights around the world will be discussed through a global and interdisciplinary perspective. The “Sustainability & Tech” stage, on the other hand, will address insights on the topic of sustainability at 360 degrees, while the “Tech for Nonprofits” stage will explore digital tools and strategies in support of the Third Sector.

A schedule under construction

Also already very broad is the parterre of guests, realities and, in general, authoritative voices that will tread the main stage of WMF 2024 https://www.wemakefuture.it/ – We Make Future. This will feature inspirational talks, vision speeches, research presentations, and moments of pure show and entertainment.

Among the names already announced on this stage are journalist and editor Enrico Mentana, sports journalist and broadcaster Fabio Caressa, former soccer player Marco Tardelli, and Simone Bianco, Principal Investigator and Director of Computational Biology at Altos Labs Bay Area Institute of Science.
Additional speakers, guests and internships will be announced soon to round out the program.