Macfrut Rimini 2024 edition: medicinal plants at conference

Macfrut Rimini 2024 edition
[:it]Macfrut Rimini 2024 edition[:]

Macfrut Rimini 2024 edition, scheduled at Rimini Expo Centre from May 8 to 10, is considered a “fair within a fair.” In fact, it hosts operators from all over the world, meetings with international buyers, technical workshops with industry experts. Not to mention show cooking with product categories increasingly appreciated by consumers.
At this edition, organizers expect 1,400 exhibitors, 40 percent of them coming from abroad, and 1,500 top buyers

Spices and herbs: more of a niche market

The 2022 edition had debuted Spices & Herbs Global Expo , dedicated to spices, medicinal herbs and aromatic herbs. Confirmed at Macfrut Rimini edition 2024, the pavilion has become a global meeting point for producers, technicians, researchers, traders and processors, in a supply chain approach.
From being a commercial sector, linked to imports, the spices and herbs sector has transformed into a supply chain that goes from cultivation to processing, to the creation of added value in the production of food supplements, natural cosmetics and pharmaceutical derivatives.
A supply chain with new opportunities thanks to the renewal of the regulatory framework introduced by Legislative Decree 75/18, which recognizes and supports the cultivation of medicinal plants as an agricultural activity.
The challenge now is to get out of the “niche market” dimension and present itself to the consumer market.

Macfrut Rimini edition 2024: indoor cultivation and pharmaceutical use

To do so also requires in-depth study at the scientific level. And that is what the meeting sponsored by the Department of Agri-food Sciences and Technologies of the University of Bologna (Agricultural Engineering Team – Structures and Environment) aims to do on May 8. During the day, the world of university research will be compared with the business world in direct application in the protected field.
Entitled “Let’s shed light on medicinal plants – Experiences of indoor cultivation and applications in the pharmaceutical field,” the conference will be moderated by La Repubblica journalist Rosaria Amato.
After an introduction by Andrea Primavera, president of Fippo (Italian Federation of Officinal Plant Producers), Daniele Torreggiani, professor in the Department of Agri-food Sciences and Technologies at the University of Bologna, will illustrate how the sector of indoor cultivation of medicinal and officinal plants through artificial lighting systems represents an opportunity capable of unlocking + synergies at the supply chain level. With the involvement of both growers and companies that provide technological solutions, plants and equipment for the sector, up to those in the processing of personal care products.

Rounding out the program at Macfrut Rimini edition 2024, which also includes talks by other academics, will be testimonials from two important companies in the sector: Massimo Lucchini of Idromeccanica Lucchini, who will present his point of view and entrepreneurial approach to innovation in the production of botanicals in a controlled environment. While Vincenzo Spaccapeli of Eatour will present a modular indoor cultivation solution for the production of medicinal plants, which can then be seen in operation thanks to a guided tour that will take place at the conclusion of the event.