Amphora Revolution, edition number zero in Verona

Amphora Revolution
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In anticipation of the next edition, November 8-12, Merano WineFestival in joint venture with Vinitaly, presents Amphora Revolution. An initiative to promote from June 7 to 8 at Veronafiere’s Gallerie Mercatali the ancient technique of winemaking in terracotta, earthenware and stoneware jars and highlight the best amphora wines internationally.

Focus on the world of terracotta jars.

Presented during the 56th edition of Vinitaly through a masterclass of the same name, led by Helmuth Köcher, The WineHunter and founder of the Merano WineFestival, Simona Geri, The Wine Setter, and Italesse’s sommelier and Senses project manager, Paolo Lauria, who took 9 labels from different Italian regions on a journey to discover ancient wine traditions reinterpreted.
Amphora Revolution: “My personal belief is that this anticipation has the potential to become an international reference point, creating a moment of confrontation between amphora producers, winemakers, producers and opinion leaders in the sector,” Helmuth Köcher stressed. “This will mark an important new path for Italian viticulture, both nationally and internationally. We are excited about this partnership that will launch the first event dedicated entirely to the world of terracotta jars.”

Tradition and innovation

Present in the Amphora Revolution preview were the best amphora wines produced in the main wine regions. From Alto Adige to Sardinia, a selection of wines that tell the story of the combination of history, territory and innovation in the world of wine, making use of an ancient tradition now considered technology.
The result of research and tasting work by The WineHunter’s special tasting committee dedicated to amphora wines, the 9 wines represent a small part of the labels involved in the June event. Appointment that will also offer an articulated program of conferences and technical-scientific symposia dedicated to this topic.

A sector with great potential

Maurizio Danese, managing director of Veronafiere: “In June we will present the number zero edition of Amphora Revolution born from the partnership between Vinitaly and Merano Wine Festival, which looks at a niche sector of oenology, but one with high development potential also in our country. Already this year, although we started with a very tight schedule, we aim to become a place for international debate and discussion between institutions and producers. At the center is an ancient production method that is experiencing an important phase of revival with interesting responses from the market and the end consumer.”