Vinitaly 2024 edition: showcasing a strategic sector

Vinitaly 2024 edition
[:it]Vinitaly 2024 edition[:]

While waiting to know the numbers related to Vinitaly 2024 edition, from 14 to 17 at Veronafiere, it can be said that this year’s event was attended by all the made-in-Italy wine from all Italian regions and 30 countries.
The 100,000-square-meter net exhibition center became the international wine business agora for 4,000 wineries. A consolidated exhibition participation that confirms the centrality of the international wine and spirits fair, now in its 56th edition.
An event increasingly targeted on the needs of businesses and on the promotion of the sector in Italy and on foreign, historic and emerging markets.
Federico Bricolo, president of Veronafiere and Vinitaly 2024 edition : “This edition of the event wants to contribute to light a further spotlight on Italian wine, which has precisely in Vinitaly its trade fair brand of global promotion. And with this logic of promotion, we have also recently finished a world tour in 18 cities in 15 countries that lasted more than half a year to make a thoughtful selection of key buyers to invite to Vinitaly.”

Foreign-facing investments on the rise

Veronafiere’s new Strategic Plan “One 2024-2026”, which contemplates a strengthening of the mission of Vinitaly 2024 edition, also goes in this direction. This is particularly to amplify the promotional platform and ensure, at the same time, investments for incoming and on the Italian product in the most strategic export markets, thanks to an even more capillary rooting of Veronafiere in those very areas.
The path of qualitative selection of operators started back in 2023 continued this year. Last year, in fact, the recruiting program brought to Verona just under 30,000 international operators from 143 nations (out of a total attendance of 93,000). Of these more than 1,000 top buyers were chosen and hosted by Veronafiere and Ice-Agenzia.
Maurizio Danese, CEO of Veronafiere and Vinitaly 2024 edition: “There is a strong conviction that we can do a lot in favor of a sector of which we feel an integral part. In a period that is certainly not easy, we feel even more obliged to give the right answers to those who invest in the fair. The first key word is undoubtedly ‘business,’ the second is ‘awareness’ of a strategic – as well as identity – capital for the Italian and European economy increasingly under the lens of alarmist theses.

For this reason, on the occasion of the 1st national day of Made in Italy (April 15) we presented the research ‘If you take wine away from Italy, a dip in the glass half empty’. Produced by the Uiv-Vinitaly Observatory and Prometeia, it investigated the impact that our country would suffer in socio-economic, tourism and identity terms from a hypothetical disappearance of wine from Italy.”

Not only wine

Concurrently with Vinitaly 2024 edition also the 28th edition of Sol, International olive oil trade show (area C); Xcellent Beers (area I) and Enolitech, International exhibition of wine, oil and beer production technologies (hall F). With the three shows, the number of companies present in the 17 halls of the fair rises to nearly 4,300.
Confirmed from April 12 to 15 is the off-show ‘Vinitaly and the city,’ which in 2023 recorded more than 45 thousand tastings by winelovers.