62th Salone del Mobile.Milan the two rooms of David Lynch

62th Salone del Mobile
[:it]62th Salone del Mobile[:]

The 62th Salone del Mobile.Milano opened the ‘doors’ of Fieramilano Rho from April 16 to 21. Evolution and innovation the keywords of this 62th edition, as always a reference point for the international design industry.
On the occasion of this edition, the event chooses David Lynch, also known as the director of the unconscious, to tell in an original way about how the production of interiors is able to create environments that will enter into a relationship, at times symbiotic and symbolic, with those who will live and furnish them.
This gave rise to “Interiors by David Lynch. A Thinking Room,” an installation that gives a unique experience. In fact, in Hall 5-7, two rooms, small and empty, except for a large central wooden armchair, equipped with tools for writing, drawing and painting, and 7 cylinders that connect it to below, some niches with images chosen by the director, a mirror, a clock, are staged with the scenographic language of cinema and theater.
All around, an undulating curtain that rhythms the walls and marks time; underfoot slats like sea waves; above the head a golden curvilinear underside connected to the tubes and the armchair by 7 strands of light.

62th Salone del Mobile.Milano: freeing the heart and mind

These rooms David Lynch makes us walk through and experience them-better alone-just before we get in touch with their opposite: the crowds, the buzz, the multitude of projects exhibited in the fair spaces.
Why? Because an empty room teaches how to become an empty but ready, capable, welcoming container. The skill of being in such a room is to free the heart and mind, without opinions, deductions, prejudices so that other spaces, other possibilities are revealed, new thoughts, perceptions, images, sensations can be welcomed.
Here then, perhaps, these rooms prepare us to live in a more conscious and concentrated way the next experience, that of the 62th Salone del Mobile.Milano https://www.salonemilano.it/it.

The master plan is signed by Lombardini22

Lombardini22, a leading group in the Italian architecture and engineering scenario, designed the masterplan of the positioning and architectural layout of the curvilinear perimeter, which leads to David Lynch’s work. This allows to give the rooms the maximum value of scenic impact but, at the same time, ensure good neighborhood relations with the exhibitors, not hindering, for example, their visibility. Thus, the rooms imagined by the director are embedded within two shells, side by side and symmetrical, with an ovoid shape.