Macfrut 2024 edition, exhibitors on the rise

Macfrut 2024 edition
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At Macfrut 2024 edition, at the Fiera in Rimini, the world fruit and vegetable supply chain will meet from May 8 to 10. A 41st edition that is already expecting record numbers. There are in fact 1,400 exhibitors representing the entire supply chain, up 22%). Also growing is the exhibition area, which covers 34 thousand net square meters (+20%) with spaces sold out for at least three months. In addition, an increasing presence of foreign exhibitors is expected, so much so as to account for 40% of the total and make this the most international event on the Italian agrifood scene.
And more, 1,500 top buyers from all over the world thanks to the fundamental support of Agenzia Ice, thematic salons on industry trends and tendencies coordinated by a team of experts, a double test field of about 3,000 square meters on fruit and horticultural innovation, a hundred events during the three-day exhibition.
Fil rouge of Macfrut 2024 edition business, knowledge and networking through a dedicated b2b platform.
This year the international focus will be on the Arabian Peninsula, in a bet that started three years ago, which at the fair will see the presence of a hundred buyers from that area interested mainly in apples, kiwifruit and table grapes.

An appointment to understand the future of fruit and vegetables

Renzo Piraccini, president of the event, recalled how distinctiveness is the strong point. “There are three assets that make this event unique: business, which remains the central element because at Macfrut 2024 edition you go to do business. Networking for the possibility of doing B2B meetings in a dedicated platform in connection with 1,500 buyers thanks to the valuable collaboration of Ice Agenzia. To these two elements we add the plus of knowledge, certified by the presence of a team of experts who coordinate the different Saloni and ensure quality in the content of the events. If you want to understand the future of fruit and vegetables, it is to Macfrut that you must come. This is not a slogan but a reality that the 1,400 exhibitors from all over the world have understood by choosing this event.”

Out of home penalizes consumption

Ahead of Macfrut 2024 edition, the fruit and vegetable supply chain is presented through Ismea data. According to which the 2023 fruit and vegetable production is estimated at about 24 million tons on an area of about 1.3 million hectares planted with fruits and vegetables, for 300 thousand companies involved.
The turnover at the agricultural stage exceeded 16 billion, and the weight of agribusiness exceeds 10 billion. In 2023, revenue from exports of fresh fruits and vegetables and canned goods amounts to 11.6 billion, of which 5.7 billion comes from fresh produce.
On the consumption front, again according to Ismea, there has been a contraction in purchases. The 2020-2021 biennium characterized by the pandemic had given some hope about increased consumption of fruit and vegetables. However, the gradual return to life outside the home has led to a setback in purchases in 2023. In particular, quantity purchases of citrus fruits (-7 percent), potatoes (-4 percent) and IV gamma salads (-4 percent) decreased. Fruit sales held (-0.1%) and vegetable sales grew by 1%.