46th Eima International: the revitalization of the industry

46th Eima
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The presentation tour of 46th Eima International, scheduled for Nov. 6-10 at BolognaFiere, includes conferences in numerous Italian and foreign cities. These include Bastia Umbra, in the context of Agriumbria, a historic exhibition that each year attracts farmers and business operators from all over central Italy offering innovative technologies for agriculture and animal husbandry.
The press conference dedicated to the Bologna show offered an update on the numbers and news of this event, organized by the Italian Federation of Agricultural Machinery Manufacturers FederUnacoma.

46th Eima International: growing number of exhibitors

At the 46th edition, as FederUnacoma director general Simona Rapastella pointed out, more than 1,600 applications have already been formalized. Of these, more than 500 are from foreign manufacturers, a number destined to grow in the coming weeks, bringing the total number of exhibitors to the highest level in the history of the show.
In recalling how the exposition is characterized by its division into 14 product macro-sectors and 5 thematic salons-components, irrigation, bioenergy, gardening, digital systems-Rapastella stressed the importance of 46th Eima International for the promotion and trade of agricultural machinery, all the more important in a year in which the market, both international and domestic, awaits a revival.

Need for more transparency and certainty

“In the first three months of the year, the domestic tractor market recorded an overall decline of 25 percent against 3,812 registered units, and significant declines were also seen for combine harvesters, flatbed tractors, trailers and telehandlers.”
The decline in registrations, it was said at the 46th Eima International www.eima.it conference, depends to a good extent on the growth of price lists and interest rates for bank loans. And, sometimes, the complex procedures for accessing government incentives.
At present, the tax credit for 4.0 is running out and offers less favorable conditions than in past years, while the measure for 5.0 is still being fine-tuned. Most importantly, the full operation of the NRP incentives, managed by the regions (400 million total for agricultural mechanization), and the second tranche of the National Innovation Fund (100 million earmarked for 2024) are awaited.
“The Federation is working with the Ministries and the Regions to facilitate the disbursement procedures,” concluded Simona Rapastella, “and has already planned to set up within 46th Eima International a ‘counter’ to provide farmers, contractors and economic operators with information and practical guidance for accessing public funds.”