NovelFarm 2024 makes appointment at the Pordenone Fairgrounds

NovelFarm 2024
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NovelFarm 2024 is the fourth edition of the international conference exhibition on innovations in agritech, above ground and vertical farming scheduled in the Pordenone Fair Service Center from Wednesday, March 20 to Thursday, March 21. Concurrently, AlgaeFarm, an event dedicated to technologies and applications in algoculture, will take place.
Participants will include the National Microalgae Association and several leading companies from the sectors of both events. From greenhouse construction to lighting systems, from products, equipment and services for vertical farming to research and training and integrated agriculture.
The issues at the center of discussion at NovelFarm 2024 and AlgaeFarm are central to primary food production. They will discuss climate change and adaptation, water management, certification, retail market, innovation funding, legal framework, genetics and robotics. Not forgetting microalgae cultivation, joined this year by hi-tech mushrooms.

Agritech allied to agriculture

“Pordenone Fiere believes in NovelFarm and AlgaeFarm, which represent our look at innovation in agribusiness and beyond,” recalled Renato Pujatti, president of Pordenone Fiere. “We are witnessing the effects of non-programming and non-openness to new techniques and methods in the primary sector: production collapse, rising costs and prices, marginalization of independent producers.

Agritech is an ally of agriculture, and NovelFarm 2024 is the place for meeting and dialogue.”

NovelFarm 2024: what are the ‘hottest’ topics

So many topics in the field. Such as vertical farming, at the center of the attentions of investors and lending institutions. The feeling is that the potential would be even greater and that the brake is the regulatory framework, anchored in a traditional conception of agriculture. The initiatives of some regions, such as Lombardy, and the trends emerging in tax reform, bode well for a sector that is crucial to the sustainability and productivity of agriculture.
The market for vertical farm products will also be discussed, and in particular the IV gamma that is increasingly entering gdo shelves.
The topics of NovelFarm 2024 will be complemented by those of AlgaeFarm, which will accompany the event this year with a very extensive program. Cultivation and applications of microalgae will be discussed with a different slant than in the past, exploring topics such as the competitiveness of algae in an area such as nutraceuticals and prospects in the field of biofuel production. In this field, research is focusing on the genetics of microalgae.

Finally, for the first time there will be a session devoted to new mushroom growing technologies, an area where the controlled environment is no stranger to common practices but where new methods can lead to interesting supply chain shortening developments.