Filo 61 edition 2024, opened its doors

Filo 61
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Today, February 28, opens the edition of Filo 61 at the Allianz MiCo space – Milan. Undisputed protagonists as always are the yarns, fibers, and materials proposed by the companies present, the result of research work and passion of companies aware of their social and environmental responsibility.
During the two-day event there will also be a wide-ranging program of meetings.
It begins with the opening ceremony at 10:30 a.m. At the event, entitled “Circular Economy in Textiles, Clothing, Fashion: the Thread of Circularity,” speakers will include the head of Filo 61, Paolo Monfermoso; Marco Farina, A2A Environment Evaluation and Project Development manager; Sergio Tamborini, SMI Sistema Moda Italia president; Giovanni Marchi, MagnoLab resident, as well as representatives of institutions. Giusy Bettoni, ceo and founder C.L.A.S.S., will moderate.
The calendar of appointments of the “Dialogues of Comparison” is also full, dedicated to crucial issues for the textile industry of today and tomorrow and featuring outstanding figures from the textile industry.

Filo 61: the partnership with Piedmont Region

The partnership between the yarn and fiber fair and the Piedmont Region is renewed. Thanks to the activities of the region’s Integrated Textile Supply Chain Project (PIF), financed by the P.R. FESR 2021-2027 and implemented through Ceipiemonte – the Regional Agency for Internationalization, a delegation of ten buyers, from Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal, and the United Kingdom, will be present at the fair.
Also in the context of the collaboration, in the days following the closing, the delegation of foreign buyers will participate in a study tour in the Biellese territory, which will allow foreign professionals to deepen their knowledge of the production excellence of the Biellese textile district.

Color according to Cittadellarte

The collaboration between Filo 61 and Cittadellarte Fashion B.E.S.T., Fondazione Pistoletto’s operational workshop dedicated to the development of sustainability in the textile sector, is being consolidated.
The entity’s approach, which sees fashion as a social responsibility, aims to promote a new balance between production and consumption. A challenge that reflects the textile industry’s commitment to developing more responsible, sustainable and circular production processes.
As part of the Dialogues of Comparison, Olga Pirazzi, head of Cittadellarte’s sustainable fashion office, together with the Unidee Academy, will lead the talk “By thread and by art: the philosophy of color between circularity and innovation” on Feb. 29.
The meeting at Filo 61 will focus on the importance of color not only in production processes, but also in its broader meaning as a symbolic element that through the centuries has influenced rituals, memory and human emotions.
This year also sees Cittadellarte Fashion B.E.S.T. renew its partnership with Lenzing Group, presenting an exhibition installation made from recycled materials