3a Slow Wine Fair: focus on education and soil

3a Slow Wine Fair
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The 3a Slow Wine Fair, organized by BolognaFiere and Sana, under the artistic direction of Slow Food, is taking place in Bologna where it began on Sunday, Feb. 25, and ends on Tuesday, Feb. 27.
Enthusiasts, buyers and professionals have concentrated in the Bologna fairgrounds. In this location many opportunities to discover or rediscover wines born from sustainable agriculture. Keywords of the event: biodiversity, protection of the agricultural landscape, thoughtful use of its resources, cultural and social growth of farming communities, as well as increasing consumer awareness.
At 3a Slow Wine Fair there are more than 950 exhibitors selected by Slow Food’s tasting committee and more than 200 wineries from 25 countries for a total offering of more than 5,000 wines for tasting. The 2024 edition features Australia, Japan, Mexico, South Africa and Sweden for the first time.

More education

Soil and education at the center of this 3a Slow Wine Fair. Also reiterating this was Barbara Nappini, president of Slow Food Italy: “Every day, in every corner of the planet, we are confronted with the feeling of hunger, therefore with food. We are confronted daily with agriculture, often without even realizing it. And with the earth, with the soil, with the life that resides in it. Because without fertility there is no agriculture and without agriculture there is no food.”
Rebuilding a proper relationship with the food system and food, therefore, comes through knowledge. “This is why we consider the introduction of nutrition education in schools as a curricular subject as urgent as ever. A food education that addresses the food system from the point of view of human and environmental health, but also with respect to production, ethics and identity.”

3a Slow Wine Fair landmark for the wine industry

This edition of the event marks a turning point in terms of both the number of exhibitors chosen by Slow Food and the cultural and scientific content enhanced by internationally renowned experts.
Gianpiero Calzolari, president of BolognaFiere: “The event is taking on significant dimensions. Just think that more than 500 wineries had participated in the first edition. And despite the nearly 1,000 exhibitors reached this year, we want to grow the event further. Bologna is bidding to become the reference point for the wine sector and for strategic reflection on sustainability. And with 3a Slow Wine Fair https://slowinefair.slowfood.it/ we make protagonists of those who produce well, who make quality products and in a sustainable way. Here the public finds fine wines and professionals of great expertise.”
Results also achieved thanks to the collaboration with ICE. “Together with the fairs, ICE works on their strengthening as an important part of the Italian economic system and the strengthening of the country’s production districts.”