Torino Comics 2024 celebrates its first 30 years

Torino Comics 2024
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From April 12 to 14 at Lingotto Fiere, Torino Comics 2024 returns. Organized by GL events Italia in a joint venture with Just for fun, in 2024 this event celebrates its 30th anniversary, continuing to attract tens of thousands of fans of comics, manga, anime, cinema, games, esport, and videogames to the Piedmont capital every year. Besides of course the ever-present cosplayers, coming from all over Italy.

Torino Comics 2024: a story that began in 1994

The event was born in 1994 from an idea of Vittorio Pavesio, an author and publisher who decided to create an event for comics fans in Turin, his hometown. Hosted initially at Torino Esposizioni, the fair, given its rapid growth in popularity and size, moved in 2004 to Lingotto Fiere , a location that consolidated its size and allowed for further expansion of the fair’s offerings and activities.
In 2014, the current organizing companies, GL events and Just For Fun, took over. In 2015 it becomes one of the first fairs in Italy to bring in talent and content creators, expanding its community. The following decade consolidates the national positioning of Torino Comics 2024, with the growth of cosplay competitions and the development of new thematic areas.

These include Kpop, Wrestling, the videogames area, the Red Zone dedicated to erotic comics, the cinema and dubbing area and the music area with concerts and the ‘battle of the bands’.

Edition nr 28 is dedicated to ‘Techno-Fantasy’

This year’s theme will be ‘Techno-Fantasy,’ a genre that combines fantastic elements and futuristic technology, creating a universe where sorcerers and machines, cybernetic dragons and high-tech adventures coexist in surprising harmonies.
Characterized by hybrid worlds and unique narrative styles, techno-fantasy can present futuristic settings with magical creatures or advanced technology in fantastical worlds in an immersive experience that promises to challenge the boundaries of imagination.
A theme that also characterizes Ii poster of Torino Comics 2024 bears the signature of Claudio Castellini, an internationally renowned artist known for his interpretations of superheroes.
The central idea of the poster was to represent a figure typical of medieval fantasy imagery, the winged horse, with a knight on its back. All interpreted in a more technological key, such as metal wings or the knight’s armor, with luminous LEDs to highlight the Sci-fi touch.

Torino Comics 2024: ‘Sound Wave’ award debuts.

Among the novelties of the XXVIII edition is the birth of Onda sonora, a new dubbing award in the world of video games. Promoted by Voci Animate and in collaboration with the event, it was created with the aim of enhancing the art and complexity of video game dubbing. A unique challenge for voice actors and dubbers who, unlike in cinema or TV series, work without visualizing images, relying exclusively on the sound wave to interpret the mood and context of the characters.