Filo 2024 parades responsible innovation

Filo 2024
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Preparing to open the doors of Allianz MiCo – Milan is the Filo 2024 event that will take place Feb. 28-29.
The 61st edition of the event will be opened by a meeting with the theme of recycling in the textile-clothing-fashion industry.
Filo 2024 has long been very attentive to the issue of sustainability, and during the opening ceremony of this year’s edition, the event will specifically address the issue of circular economy in the textile-clothing-fashion industry, emphasizing how textile waste can be transformed into a resource capable of developing innovation, research and new sustainable projects. Institutional personalities and industrial players committed to giving life to a new and innovative supply chain, which from an old garment leads to the production of new materials for the textile industry, will discuss it.

What’s new in the “Sustainability from A to Z” service

Also at Filo 2024, “Sustainability from A to Z,” the information service promoted in collaboration with the eco-hub C.L.A.S.S (Creativity Lifestyle and Sustainable Synergy) returns, which also becomes a showcase on sustainable innovation, as well as information on sustainability issues.
Indeed, the space dedicated to the service will display materials from companies selected by the eco-hub that meet the standards of quality and sustainability required by the event. In this way, participants will be able to “touch with their hands” the results of sustainable creativity and innovation, and start from concrete examples to obtain information and suggestions on everything related to sustainability.
In fact, at Filo 2024 “Sustainability from A to Z” aims to offer companies a comprehensive vademecum on the topic: from strategies for integrating sustainability into a business plan, to certifications. to measurements of environmental and end-of-life impacts, to the importance of ethics, to energy savings; from responsible innovation to next-generation communication, to sustainability budgets.

The importance of training

In an ever-changing textile industry in search of technical skills, the issue of training creative, competent and innovative talents is increasingly crucial and urgent. From this need comes the Academy of Color, promoted by Finissaggio and Tintoria Ferraris.
Illustrating the goals and characteristics of the initiative will be Francesco Ferraris himself as part of the Dialogues of Comparison promoted by Filo 2024 During the talk “Academy of Color,” which will take place on Feb. 28 at 3 p.m., special emphasis will be placed on the importance of training new generations with transversal skills, capable of responding to the production challenges that increasingly demanding markets require.
On the other hand, the goals of the Academy of Color include improving the attractiveness of the textile-clothing-fashion sector among young people, showing them the rewards they can find working in a field that offers great opportunities for innovation and research.