Bit 2024: showcasing the tourism of tomorrow

Bit 2024
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Started on the 4th ended at Allianz MiCo Bit 2024, an event organized by Fiera Milano that in each edition turns the spotlight on the present and future travel industry. An event that every year calls together industry operators, international buyers and experts in the sector to discuss new challenges and opportunities in the travel world.

Looking forward to this edition’s numbers, as confirmed by the latest Unwto data, the international landscape is promising, with international travel numbers growing to 1.29 billion in 2023.
In this positive context, Italian accommodation companies ended the year with an average room occupancy rate around 51 percent, +3.8 percent vs. 2019, the peak year for Italian tourism (Enit-Unioncamere data to ISNART).

Bit 2024: the trends of the next tourism season.

Personalization will be the dominant trend in the current sector. A trend where the search for a customized experience in line with lifestyle and values is primary in the choice of travelers. A preference that generates an increase in the economic value of so-called “niches.” These include environmental and lifestyle sustainability, preferring authentic, immersive and local experiences.
Hence great attention to slow or outdoor tourism.

As confirmed by the Bit Observatory on Eurostat – European Travel Commission data (2023), among the types of travel and experiences preferred by European tourists, about 21.7 million prefer outdoor experiences (17 percent of total travelers), and about 19.7 million (16 percent) opt for gastronomic experiences.

Bit 2024: growing interest in camping, glamping and resorts

The latest study published by Enit-Touring Club Italiano confirms the interest in camping, glamping and holiday village stays, witnessed by a +9 percent in arrivals and a +16 percent in presences in Italy (source: Istat, 2023).
The number of travelers who prefer bicycle and walking trails is also growing. Suffice it to say that there are about 3.6 million practitioners and 2.7 million interested in hiking tourism (i.e., walking only) in our country.
Even at Bit 2024 for all these markets, Italy remains the favorite country and among the favorite regions of both Italians and foreigners Trentino-Alto Adige, Tuscany, Umbria, Basilicata and Sicily.
Other trends the rediscovery of the traditions of the destinations visited, combining the cultural and food and wine components.
Last but not least, sustainability remains at the center of the debate. Sixty percent of Italian travelers take the environmental aspect into account when choosing destinations. The train is one of the favorite means of transportation for travel; in fact, the numbers collected by rail carriers in the Bel Paese are growing: FS trains carried 648 million passengers in Italy in 2023, an increase of 18 percent over 2022.