50th Arte Fiera edition so many years and not feeling it

50th Arte Fiera edition
[:it]50th Arte Fiera edition[:]

This year’s 50th Arte Fiera edition, scheduled from February 2 to 5 at BolognaFiere, celebrates its first 50 years.
It was in fact the year 1974 when the organizing body decided to present, within what was then still called Fiera Campionaria, a section dedicated to modern and contemporary art. An intuition that immediately became a success.
Suffice it to say that in the first edition there were just 10 galleries, while already the following year, they had grown to 200.

1974-2024: a successful evolution

Few other fairs in the world can boast of having surpassed 50 years of existence. An anniversary so significant that the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy will celebrate it by issuing a postage stamp. Arte Fiera is celebrating its 50th birthday by focusing on its origins: the first, pioneering editions that established it internationally within a few years. The 2024 public program of the 50th Arte Fiera edition will revisit episodes, characters, and publications from those years, starting with the year of its founding.
In doing so, it will also celebrate the 1970s in Bologna, an extraordinary season for the city at the forefront of visual arts, architecture, and imagining new forms of relationship between art, politics and society. Of that season, the birth of the event was both an effect and a cause: it sprang from the city’s innovative and daring climate, and gave it, from the very beginning, a fundamental impulse.

50th Arte Fiera edition: exhibitors, sections, curators

The picks up the thread of one of the most successful editions in recent years, the 2023 edition, seen as a rebirth and rewarded by both collectors and attendance, which has returned to pre-pandemic numbers. Also confirmed is the location of the last edition of-the Halls 25 and 26 traditionally associated with the event-and its winning collaborations. Starting with the one between artistic director Simone Menegoi and Enea Righi, an internationally renowned manager and collector, as director of operations.
There are a total of 196 exhibitors with the return of well-known galleries such as Apalazzo Gallery, Laveronica, Lia Rumma, Lorenzelli Arte, Franco Noero, Ronchini, and Sprovieri.
The Main Section, divided as always between historicized and contemporary art, will be flanked by three curated, invitation-only sections: Photography and Moving Images, Pittura XXI and Multipli, which will feature editioned works, ranging from artist’s books to signature design.
During the 50th Arte Fiera edition https://www.artefiera.it/home/776.html, Davide Ferri, critic and independent curator, is confirmed to curate Pittura XXI, while Fotografia e immagini in movimento is entrusted for the second year to Giangavino Pazzola, curator of Camera – Centro italiano per la fotografia (Turin).

New instead for Multiples, which sees the arrival of art critic and historian Alberto Salvadori. Alongside the curated sections, Percorso returns: not a section proper but, as the title indicates, an itinerary that connects a number of Main Section stands according to a thematic criterion.