PTE edition 2024 trend ‘tips for acquisitions’

PTE edition 2024
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PTE edition 2024 of Promotion Trade Exhibition, dedicated to advertising, giftware, promotional textiles and personalization technologies, opened its doors on Jan. 30 to end Feb. 1 in Hall 10 of Fieramilano Rho. More than 110 exhibiting companies oreside, including importers, distributors and manufacturers from 12 countries. With the largest arrivals not only from Italy, but also from Germany, France, Austria, Spain and Poland.
Proposals from the industry’s leading players will be on display along with new products from the promotional world and personalization technologies. This promises to be an even richer edition than usual. In fact, among the exhibitors are 32 new entries from both the promotional and machine worlds.
PTE edition 2024 is an attractive event for different target groups, starting with promotional items agencies, communication and marketing experts, printers, e-commerce specialists, interested in planning investments and purchases, updating and networking.

Fashion and sustainability

At the center of this event, as always, are the trends that will guide the next purchasing choices.
First of all, sustainability, a reconfirmation and a requirement for those who buy and those who sell. A now mature concept, which goes beyond ‘simple’ attention to the environment, but also involves the well-being of people.
It is in fact now declined as a value and as a choice, in the materials selected by the producers present at PTE edition 2024, but also in the certifications of the production chain. Water bottles, the very symbol of green choices are always experimenting with new materials, 100% recyclable and bisphenol A-free, establishing themselves as an ideal material for making beverage containers. There are many proposals in RPET, which wink at fashion, proposing soft and durable, but above all environmentally friendly, briefcases and bags.
On the tech front, too, the commitment to protect the planet continues, with water-based inks, which are less impactful and also cheaper, and machines that are increasingly energy-saving.
Attention is also paid to the concept of the “disposable object” to convey the idea of the useful and durable gadget. A uniqueness that stems from the choice of material – quality, resistant to daily use and certified – but also from the craftsmanship behind the object, as in the case of genuine leather office items or greeting cards made of fine paper with hot gold interventions and embossing.

PTE LAB is back

PTE edition 2024 is a product showcase, but there is no shortage of attention to professional updating, with numerous moments dedicated to the added value of professionalization, which is increasingly necessary due to the incessant evolution of the sector, stimulated by the demands of the end customer on the one hand and the evolution of technologies on the other. Therefore, PTE LAB is back, the laboratory dedicated to the live demonstration of examples of customization on all kinds of materials and in different ways, which will allow to discover new techniques, hybridize ideas and exchange views with the protagonists of the supply chain. A real production laboratory within the exhibition area, where different realities will work side by side and produce live.