Pitti Uomo 105 Firenze: positive signs for international fashion

Pitti Uomo 105 Firenze
[:it]Pitti Uomo 105 Firenze[:]

Pitti Uomo 105 Firenze edition number 105 is taking place from January 9 to 12 at Fortezza da Basso in Florence.
About halfway through the show’s attendance figures-taken at 12 p.m. on Jan. 11-foreign buyers are up 4 percent from January 2023 in terms of people and 6 percent in terms of points of sale.
The Italian figure, on the other hand, is down slightly, an expected circumstance given the slowdowns in the domestic market, especially seen in the last three or four months of the year just ended.
A reasonable projection of these percentages on the final result suggests that the final figure of buyer-only turnouts (excluding other visitor categories) should exceed 13,000, with foreigners around 4,700.

Pitti Uomo 105 Firenze: a widespread great energy

“If the men’s fashion system had to beat the drum right away in this 2024 startup,” commented Raffaello Napoleone, Pitti Immagine’s CEO, “well, the first two, almost three days are sending out really positive messages: in the pavilions, among the stands, in the city, at the special events, here in Florence we are registering a widespread, great energy, also the result of the warm personal interactions that are established when an international community of interests and culture comes together in spatial and temporal unity, and together, the willingness of all the operators to focus on the factors considered decisive for success in the markets. I am referring to the quality of the collections and the commitment of the companies to add stylistic and/or material novelties each season in tune with new consumer trends; to the ability on the part of the best retailers and buyers to select orders according to curatorial logic that integrates, without subordinating, with commercial needs, thus giving opportunity and visibility to experimentation, new generations, and fashion research. And I am also thinking of the media, which here find a complex and articulated appointment on different planes, of which they return images and stories that are always vivid and engaging.”

The top 20 countries in order of attendance (people) at Pitti Uomo 105 Firenze https://uomo.pittimmagine.com/ are Germany, UK, Holland, Spain, Turkey, France, Japan, USA, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, China, Greece, South Korea, Portugal, Russia, Canada, Denmark, Poland, and Sweden.
Also of note is the recovery of major Asian markets.