Eima International 2024: exhibitors on the rise

Eima International 2024
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Excellent premises for Eima International 2024, organized by FederUnacoma, federation of Italian manufacturers, from November 6 to 10 at Bologna Fiere. In fact, the world exhibition of agricultural mechanics started the organizational phase on November 30 with the opening of registrations for exhibiting industries, and in just 3 weeks more than 1,000 registrations have been formalized. Of these, about 700 were from Italian industries and about 300 from foreign manufacturers.
As explained at the end of December by FederUnacoma’s Events Office, with this rate of registrations it is likely that the 1,530 exhibitors of the 2022 edition can be reached and exceeded, occupying in every order the 140,000 net square meters (350 gross) of the fairgrounds.
Significant is the fact-as also reported by the Events Office-that, along with the confirmations of companies traditionally present, several requests from new companies have been received. Evidence of the growing interest in Eima International 2024.

This first phase of bookings will be followed by the work of assigning exhibition spaces, divided by product sectors,” the Events Office further points out, “with the aim of placing the participating industries in the best possible way and guaranteeing each of them the right visibility.
“The speed with which manufacturers are registering is a sign of confidence in this exhibition,” it notes, “but it is also indicative of the very high expectations that the agro-mechanical world has for EIMA.

An innovation factory

“We have the responsibility of offering a very high-level review,” FederUnacoma President Mariateresa Maschio says, “both in terms of technical content and in terms of cultural aspects and political reflections, since this trade show addresses the great challenges of global agriculture, primarily those of food security and environmental sustainability.

“Eima International 2024 https://www.eima.it/it/index.php is a major event for economic operators, agricultural entrepreneurs and agricultural mechanization technicians from all over the world,” explains Simona Rapastella, FederUnacoma’s Director General, “but it is also the place where the industry’s development strategies are outlined and where people learn about the new models of agriculture and the transformations that robotics, advanced electronics and artificial intelligence are bringing to field cultivation. This exhibition, which in the last edition reached a record number of 327 thousand visitors from 151 countries, offering more than 50 thousand models of machines, equipment and components and a program of more than 150 conferences and meetings on technical, economic and political topics, is a true ‘innovation factory’ (as the campaign slogan chosen for this edition states) where everyone, from manufacturers to universities, from agricultural companies to professional organizations, work to give agriculture a future, the best possible one.”