Xmas Comics Games 2023: more than 25,000 fans in Turin

Xmas Comics Games 2023
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At the Oval Lingotto Fiere in Turin, the ninth edition of Xmas Comics Games 2023, dedicated to comics, games, videogames, cosplay and cinema, ended on Sunday, December 17. More than 25,000 fans flocked to the two-day event, renamed this year ‘Nightmare Before Xmas Comics&Games,’ in homage to Nightmare before christmas, Tim Burton’s film that in 2023 celebrates 30 years since its theatrical release.

Steven John Ward makes a full house

The two events featuring 2023 special guest Steven John Ward, who plays Mihawk in the TV series ‘One Piece,’ based on the Japanese manga of the same name, and the most widely read manga of all time, created by Eiichirō Oda, were an anticipated success.
Ward was featured in two well-attended lectures on stage and five meet-and-greets with the audience. The actor signed hundreds of autographs and took photos with fans, who arrived from all over Italy as well as France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.
Hundreds of curious onlookers and fans also flocked to the Xmas Comics Games 2023 event with Alex Polidori and Manuel Meli, among the Italian voice actors of the live action One Piece, who were the protagonists of a double interview staged on stage in the afternoon of Dec. 17.

Tributes to Tim Burton

There were also a large number of people who attended the three concerts by the bands iFive Ways To Nowhere, Nanowar of Steel,and Spleen Orchestra, which signed a tribute to Tim Burton poised between music and cinematic narrative, with tricks, costumes, sets and special effects.
Also as part of the tribute to the California director, the National Cinema Museum offered a dialogue between the museum’s director, Domenico De Gaetano, and Stefano Bessoni, director, illustrator and stop-motion animator. Together they explored Burton’s imaginary world through his macabre and romantic characters.

Forbidden to minors: the success of the Red Zone

The Red Zone at Xmas Comics Games 2023 – a unicum in Italy – was the area reserved by the event for adults dedicated to erotic comics, information and awareness of sexuality issues.
Thousands of people visited the four thematic exhibitions: three dedicated to area guests Ester Cardella, Kristits and Daniele Daccò, one dedicated to the great Japanese erotic authors and curated by Magic Press.
The public was also able to ask for drawings and personalized sketches from the four young authors of the sexy artist alley and to buy erotic comics in the dedicated store curated by Tora Store-Magic Press.

The Italian leg of the Nordic Cosplay Championship.

Xmas Comics Games 2023 https://xmascomics.it/ confirmed itself as one of the Italian events with the largest presence of cosplayers, both among the audience and as participants in the competitions. In fact, there were more than 90 participants in Sunday’s competitive parade, also valid as the Italian qualifying stage for the Nordic Cosplay Championship. Winner Edoardo with the character from the Japanese TV series ‘Winspector,’ who will fly to Sweden next July for the finals.