Fiera Macfrut reinforces Cesena Fiera’s growth

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Ahead of the 2024 edition that will take place from May 8 to 10, the fiera Macfrut  runs and drives the balance sheet of Cesena Fiera, which closes in the black for the 40th consecutive year.
The numbers were presented Dec. 15 at the Shareholders’ Meeting with the approval of the 2023 preliminary results and the presentation of the company’s 2024 budget.

Turnover 2023 rises to 9.1 million euros, up 48 percent from the previous year (6.1 million euros) and a net operating profit of 400 thousand euros. To these must be added the 100 thousand euros that Cesena Fiera allocated in June to Cesena families affected by the flooding.
Significant revenue growth over the past 5 years, which from 2019, the pre-Covid period, to 2023 saw a 44 percent increase.

Events grow by 40%

As anticipated above, these results can be attributed to the growth of the international fruit and vegetable supply chain event. In fact, the fiera Macfrut has seen a 67 percent increase from 2019 to the present, with turnover rising from 4.2 million to 7.1 million euros in the last edition.
At the same time, the activity of Cesena’s exhibition center (trade fair events and convention center) is also on the rise, touching 1.2 million euros (+28 percent) in the last year. In 2023, almost every weekend in the fall and winter hosted trade fair events with about 30 events, while the convention center saw use for about 150 events. Taking the pre-Covid period (2019) as a reference, again significant is the increase that saw a 40% growth in just 5 years.

Positive outlook for 2024

Looking ahead to next year, excellent are the numbers concerning the upcoming fiera Macfrut, of which further growth is expected on the domestic and international exhibitor front. Five months before the event, in fact, this event has already sold 80 percent of the area of the last edition.
On the investment front focused on the fairgrounds, it should be mentioned that the photovoltaic system was completed for a production capacity of 700 kilowatts capable of meeting the needs of the entire fairgrounds. The investment amounted to 600 thousand euros.

Strategic choices in global and local spheres

Renzo Piraccini, President of Cesena Fiera: “It is a path that puts together three strategies that go in one direction. First of all, the development of fiera Macfrut, which is the pivot of this path in an increasingly international perspective. I would add the considerable increase in the activity of the fairgrounds on the events and convention center front with important spin-offs for the Cesena area. Last but not least, the value of the company with thanks to the shareholders who believed in the privatization path started in 2016. Those who invested in Cesena Fiera have seen their income more than doubled. And this is a source of great satisfaction for all of us.”