Esotika Pet Show 2023 at the Pordenone Fair.

Esotika Pet Show 2023
[:it]Esotika Pet Show 2023[:]

At the Pordenone Fairgrounds from Saturday, Dec. 2 and Sunday, Dec. 3, Esotika Pet Show 2023 pet show was held.
This is the leading nationwide fair dedicated to the world of exotic and companion animals. Protagonists again this year were fish, reptiles, birds, parrots, dogs, cats, rodents. Not forgetting a wide range of dedicated products and services. The event is reserved both for those who want to approach the pet world for the first time to get to know animals up close and learn how to take care of them, and for a target audience of enthusiasts who already own a pet and who at the fair will be able to learn the most correct way to relate to their little friend. Another target audience consists of experts who had the opportunity to gain new knowledge and develop their passion.

The Parrot Grand Gala

The program of Esotika Pet Show 2023 featured exhibits and in-depth discussions on terrariums set up in terrascaping with special plants and scenery, farm life, and Japanese koi carp, a domesticated ornamental variety of the common carp bred for decorative purposes in outdoor ponds and garden ponds.
The special event of the 2023 edition of Esotika Pet Show was the Parrot Grand Gala.