Fieragricola 2024, preparations for 116th edition

Fieragricola 2024
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Preparations are in full swing for Fieragricola 2024, an international exhibition dedicated to agriculture scheduled at Veronafiere from January 31 to February 3, 2024.
The Verona event is unique in Italy thanks to its comprehensive offer aimed at all specializations of the agricultural sector. Exhibition transversality, verticalization of supply chains, focus on high value-added productions, and innovation are the pillars of the event. A comprehensive overview that also emphasizes sustainability, agro-ecology, circular economy, soil, resource, environmental and nature protection.

Fieragricola 2024: innovation and sustainability

At the center of the upcoming event is an increasingly “smart” agriculture, attentive to production resources, environmental, climatic and social factors, transparency and cooperation of supply chains, and circular economy, so as to reduce waste and enhance reuse.

These very issues are the focus of Fieragricola 2024 Tech dedicated to smart irrigation, biosolutions, digitization and IoT, robotics, and renewable energy.
Innovation in agriculture is therefore among the most crucial levers for the near future. And the event wants to support this innovation with an area dedicated to all technological and digital solutions. Solutions developed to improve the activity of the sector in terms of yield, environmental sustainability, technical efficiency and quality.

Dairy Show Open Holstein, Red Holstein and Jersey returns.

Fieragricola 2024 will also be a time for discussion between breeders and the public. An opportunity to exchange opinions, checks on scientific advances dedicated to the sector will be offered by the Dairy Show Open Holstein, Red Holstein and Jersey. This is the international event that will bring the best-performing dairy cows of the Friesian, Red Holstein and Jersey breeds into the ring of the 116th edition.
The term “performing” means several concepts: from sustainability to animal welfare, from productivity to longevity, from economic return to ethics.
This is one of the most significant livestock events of the Veneto fair, which will also involve 30 agricultural institutes on January 31 for more than a thousand students engaged in the cattle grooming and judging competition. Event featured at Fieragricola 2024 will culminate with the Jersey (Feb. 1) and Holstein and Red Holstein (Feb. 2) finals in the Hall 10 ring.
Now in its 22nd year, the Dairy Show represents “an international showcase that promotes sustainability and animal welfare, so much so that the attending breeders pledge to sign a code of ethics on cow management.” This was recalled in a press note by Fortunato Trezzi, president of Anafibj, the National Association of Friesian, Brown and Jersey Breeders.