Aerospace & Defense Meetings 2023 in Turin

Aerospace & Defense Meetings 2023
[:it]Aerospace & Defense Meetings 2023[:]

The ninth edition of Aerospace & Defense Meetings 2023, the only international business convention for the aerospace industry in Italy, takes place Nov. 28-30 at the Oval Lingotto in Turin. Scheduled for three days of business and the involvement of more than 1,400 participants, 400 exhibitors and 280 buyers, who will discuss the latest innovative topics in the industry. These include Lunar Economy, Advanced & Urban Air Mobility, Industry 5.0, Artificial Intelligence, cybersecurity and sustainability.
The event, supported by the Piedmont Region and Turin Chamber of Commerce, is organized by international business convention specialist abe-BCI Aerospace, in collaboration with Ceipiemonte and Ice Agency.

Aerospace & Defense Meetings 2023: The Role of the Space Economy.

New to this edition is the Lunar Economy Summit, Thursday, Nov. 30, an event that brings together the major global players in the lunar economy for the first time in Turin.
ASI, ESA, NASA, Thales Alenia Space and Blue Origin will discuss the challenges and business opportunities of lunar exploration over the next 50 years.
Indeed, the latest estimates indicate that the value of the entire Space Economy is worth about $480 billion worldwide today. And, according to growth forecasts outlined by Morgan Stanley, it will reach $1 trillion by 2040. These are the development prospects of the reference sector of Aerospace & Defense Meetings 2023, which will see in the coming years a huge contribution related to the economy revolving around the return to the Moon, the Lunar Economy precisely.
And precisely Piedmont is a world-leading territory in this field. In fact, it is the region where new technologies for the exploration of the Moon, Mars and Deep Space are being developed, and more than 50 percent of the habitable modules of the International Space Station (ISS), including the Cygnus/PCM system, come from here. In the near future, Piedmont will lead European companies in the development of the Lunar Gateway and play a central role in many programs, including the Artemis mission that will return astronauts to the Moon in 2024.

Multinationals and startups

Aerospace & Defense Meetings 2023 is also a unique meeting and business opportunity. They come from more than 30 countries the 400 exhibitors, and among them 25 start-ups, and large international players. In addition to industrial supporter Leonardo, industrial partners Thales Alenia Space, Avio Aero, Collins Aerospace and Altec, more than 280 buyers representing different divisions of major companies from around the world are in Turin looking for suppliers and innovative solutions.
All the Italian aerospace clusters are present: Lombardy, Campania, Lazio, Umbria, Puglia and Veneto, and Piedmont, the most represented Italian region with 75 companies and 11 startups.