Mig 2023, ice cream is not just dessert

Mig 2023
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At Longarone Fiere Dolomiti, Mig 2023 – Mostra Internazionale Del Gelato Artigianale , was inaugurated on November 26, ending on Wednesday 29, in the presence of the institutions of the Veneto Region.
A fair that wants to put the ice cream entrepreneur at the center, with a focus on the business of this sector that alone is worth 2 billion euros nationwide.
But the 63rd edition looks beyond that. Because ice cream is no longer just a snack or the strolling cone, but becomes in its own right a haute cuisine dish, a perfect match for other dishes.

Mig 2023: focus on nutraceuticals in ice cream

Not forgetting science and health as well. And it was precisely this theme that was addressed during the four-day event by the CNR, for the first time outside the laboratories and among the stands at Longarone Fiere Dolomiti.
“Because ice cream is a carrier of nutraceutical substances. It has in itself the ability to carry molecules that are important for health,” pointed out Domenico Nuzzo, coordinator of the national agrifood-Cnr strategic table. In a recent research, ice cream was tested as a food in care facilities for people with Alzheimer’s disease. And early indications show concrete benefits in the daily life and quality of life of these patients.”

Mig 2023: a call to action for Olympic ice cream.

So ice cream as a real dish and less and less “side dish” or dessert, even in the menus of haute cuisine.
In the days of Mig 2023, Gianfranco Vissani also spoke about it, who considers the ice cream product a “tool to enhance local flavors and made in Italy.”

Also because, as recalled by Regional Councillor Bottacin, who also opened the Veneto Region stand, “The gelato maker is an artisan, but he is also an artist.”
It was precisely in the Veneto stand that the official presentation of the saffron-based “Oro delle Dolomiti” flavor was held.
Also at the regional stand, the major sporting events of 2024 were presented, which will launch the race to the 2026 Olympics, for which Longarone Fiere Dolomiti is bidding to become the “gateway.”
This was explained by the president of Mig 2023 https://www.mostradelgelato.com/, Michele Dal Farra: “Longarone Fiere is an engine of development of the territory. Just for Milan-Cortina we thought about the Olympic ice cream. In the next 3 years the competition will be proposed to identify the flavor that will accompany us to the Olympics. And then we want to turn the fair into the hub for those going up to Cortina, thinking of making a hospitality area where we can showcase the Belluno area and the Dolomites.”