Milano Unica 2024 and the collections for S/S 2025

Milano Unica 2024
[:it]Milano Unica 2024[:]

The 38th edition of Milano Unica 2024 will be staged on January 30, 31 and February 1, 2024 at Rho Fieramilano. This event represents an important showcase for the industry, as evidenced by the many sign-ups received by the organizers from major companies, from the different industrial districts.
Apparel fabrics and accessories companies will be present at the fair with their proposals for Spring/Summer 2025 in the halls that traditionally host the show, namely 8, 12, 16 and 20.

Milano Unica 2024: focus on the relationship with artificial intelligence

MU+ or MU PLUS is the concept for the next edition. Where the suffix “Plus” indicates an increase in both the analysis tools underlying creative research and content, with the support of artificial intelligence, the true protagonist of contemporary living.
If there is a widespread sentiment that AI can replace the human mind, the development of the collections for the S/S 2025 season, chosen by the artistic director of Stefano Fadda, wants to seize the potential of this tool to explore new roads and paths.
Placing itself in a position opposite to what common feeling fears, AI thus proves to be a support for research, inventiveness and human creative flair. And this is how, starting with proposals from made-in-Italy textile and accessories companies, AI has shown a subsequent increase in new effects, unexpected patterns and futuristic silhouettes.

Milano Unica 2024: unprecedented developments

“Using models and programs capable of generating images,” Director Fadda explained his path, “I started from photographs, texts, drawings, illustrations, renderings and samples from our prestigious companies, considering them all as initial databases. I worked with my team to originate new materials and accessories, shapes and processing, prints, embroideries and finally fabrics, through AI generative algorithms set according to our unique, instinctive, ethical, sustainable and inescapably human creative sensibility.”
AI can only foster an unprecedented and interesting integration between human creativity (because AI itself is not creative) and market needs, marketing and different generational targets, design and technical performance, ethics and sustainability.
From the integration of all these components was born within Milano Unica 2024 the MU PLUS format, a container designed looking at a future that integrates creativity, sustainability, digitization, ethics, design, intelligence, but also a digital environment. An environment that becomes real as we move from the conception of content, in this case the collections for S/S 2025, to the actual realization of fabrics and accessories.