Klimahouse 2024, focus on more responsible construction

Klimahouse 2024
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From Jan. 31 to Feb. 3, Fiera Bolzano will host Klimahouse 2024, an event open to industry professionals and the public. The international event focuses on energy efficiency and responsible building and features the latest innovations in sustainable living.

What’s behind green building

Klimahouse 2024 is characterized as a laboratory of innovation, where energy sustainability and responsible building are at the heart of a future-oriented society.
Exploring tomorrow’s scenarios to reduce the environmental impact in construction, responding to the energy challenge, elevating living comfort: these are the main highlights of the 19th edition, which, with unwavering commitment, year after year contributes to sustainability goals in our country. Thanks in particular to knowing how to spread the knowledge behind greener construction, providing a key to understanding the development of the sector.
It was precisely this commitment that earned the event the Best Forest Valuation Award, given to it by PEFC Italy and Legambiente during the fifth edition of Sustainable Forest Communities. Among the merits recognized by the initiative to Klimahouse 2024 is that of having “revolutionized the narrative of construction, promoting innovative solutions to support and revitalize good forest management practices in the country’s inland areas.”

Startup innovations at Klimahouse Future Hub.

The 2024 edition presents an appointment to take stock of the market and strategic moves toward this paradigm shift. The event is aimed in particular at architects, designers and professionals in the building universe. Targets who will be able to discuss and discover the latest methodological and technological innovations.
The concept “Building Well, Living Well” is developed this year in the main thematic focuses Wood, Energy, Materials and Innovation in Building. Lots of innovations presented for Klimahouse 2024. They range from the latest proposals for thermal insulation to advanced plant engineering for air conditioning and indoor air quality, from digital technological solutions for smart building management. Not forgetting the solutions devised by the startups present at the Klimahouse Future Hub.

Leit motiv 2024 energy transition

With the supply crisis, escalating international tensions and rising energy costs, sustainability goals are calling the entire global community to respond with innovative and sustainable solutions, forward-looking policies and a shared commitment to a greener tomorrow.
Eco-compatibility and the environmental impact of materials will be another thematic pillar of Klimahouse 2024 https://www.fierabolzano.it/it/klimahouse/home, a subject of great interest at the European level as well. Special attention will be paid to wood and the use of this material as a structural element, with all the ambitious engineering challenges involved.
Finally, the awarding of the winners of the second Wood Architecture Prize 2024, which celebrates the architectural and sustainable value of Italian wood works.