Salone del Mobile Bergamo 2023 by Promoberg has started

Salone del Mobile Bergamo 2023
[:it]Salone del Mobile Bergamo 2023[:]

The first appointment with the Salone del Mobile Bergamo 2023 kicked off from 11 to 13 November at the Bergamo Fair. The event, characterized by the exhibition excellence represented by around a hundred brands and collateral events, including various talks with the protagonists of design, has reached its 18th edition. Showcasing the best of furniture design and furnishing accessories made in Italy on the 13 thousand square meters of the two pavilions.
The second appointment with the event will take place from Friday 17th to Sunday 19th November, a choice to divide the appointments to favor the exhibitors’ programming and public participation.

An awaited event

During the inauguration ceremony of the Salone del Mobile Bergamo 2023, concluded with the cutting of the ribbon, the common thread of the interventions underlined the quality of the project, which makes the Lombard city a reference event in the furniture sector for the general public, at search for innovative, personalized and quality solutions.
“There is a lot of anticipation for the return of the Salone del Mobile in Bergamo – underlined the CEO of Promoberg Davide Lenarduzzi during the inauguration – because it represents one of the excellent supply chains of our territory and of Made in Italy in the world . The quality of the event is very high, as are the collateral events, with talks dedicated to the protagonists of design. Salone del Mobile Bergamo 2023 in great style, therefore, the result of excellent teamwork implemented with various local entities, starting from furniture makers, artisans (with Confartigianato and Cna) and architects, through their foundation. Thanks to all the organizations that in various capacities made it possible to organize such a high-calibre event, and thanks in advance to the many people who will enter the show certain of finding the best in the furniture and accessories supply chain of furnishings”.

A lifetime achievement award to Enrico Baleri

Among the protagonists of the first day at the Fair is Enrico Baleri, a well-known designer from Bergamo, as well as an entrepreneur, designer and “provocateur”, and guest star of the Salone del Mobile Bergamo 2023 /. Baleri was awarded the “Bergamo Design Award” as a certificate of his prestigious career.