AIXA 2023, SMXL Milan and OnMetaverse Summit

AIXA 2023
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AIXA 2023 – Artificial Intelligence Expo of Applications, SMXL Milan and OnMetaverse Summit https will take place from 8 to 9 November 2023 at Allianz MiCo in Milan: //

AIXA 2023 is the summit dedicated to the practical applications of Artificial Intelligence and new technologies in general. An event in which companies, experts, managers and innovators discuss the future and the business impact of “emerging technologies” that are revolutionizing our way of living and working.
SMXL Milan is dedicated to the world of digital marketing which for ten years has brought together over 50 leading experts, managers and academics at a national and international level on the trends that drive innovation in a constantly evolving sector.
Finally, OnMetaverse Summit is the first Italian conference of international scope dedicated to virtual worlds in the business sector. The aim is to ask the right questions to find the first concrete answers on the eve of the next technological revolution.

Hannah’s homework

Welcoming visitors to AIXA 2023 will be Hannah, the holographic virtual assistant created by Olomax and the Swiss Institute for Disruptive Innovation. In fact, she will be the one to open the doors of Gate 15 in via Gattamelata 5 to dialogue with anyone who wants to know and discover the secrets of an event that has already been renamed as the knowledge park of digital transformation dedicated to the business world and beyond.
For the first time, therefore, Fiera Milano, thanks to the research & development work of the Business International knowledge unit and in collaboration with AnotheReality and some partners such as Istituto Marangoni, will bring its public into a virtual world that without interruption mixes the physical with the digital.
The symbol of this choice will be Hannah herself. An innovation destined to transform the panorama of assistance and interaction between man and machine, which is not just an avatar, but a true digital ally ready to break traditional IT patterns.
During the event Hannah will not just be a “simple” exhibition installation, but she will become the AI that will welcome the participants. In addition to this, she will give real-time updated information on the event, programs, speakers, exhibition areas, experiential areas and much more.
A virtual colleague, trained with advanced algorithms that will allow her to guarantee fluid and natural interaction at all times. Hannah will thus support the work team in managing public requests and offering a three-dimensional experience, without the need for additional devices such as glasses or viewers, which will lead the user to find himself in front of a projected but characterized image by depth, volume and real presence in the surrounding space. A digital interaction that becomes tangible, transforming the way we perceive and interact with artificial intelligence.