Salone Nautico Bologna 2023: a success

Salone Nautico Bologna 2023
[:it]Salone Nautico Bologna 2023[:]

Having started on 21 October, the fourth edition of the Salone Nautico Bologna 2023 closed its doors on 29 October. Organized by Saloni Nautici Internazionali d’Italia, the event saw dozens of exhibitors and boats, between 5 and 16 metres, on display in over 20 thousand square metres, an increase compared to the 18 thousand of the last edition, demonstrating the interest in the ‘event.
Visitors were able to observe innovations and leading products from Italian pleasure boating: from gozzos to dinghies, to motorboats, as well as accessories and services from the nautical supply chain. Over 60 exhibitors representing around 180 brands. This is a sector that in 2021 recorded 75.6% of the entire national productivity, measuring a turnover of 6.1 billion euros.
The collaboration initiative with the Auto e Moto d’Epoca fair, almost simultaneously (from 26 to 29 October), also boosted visits from all over Italy.

Bologna Boat Show 2023: visitors up by 300%

A fair that increased last year’s numbers as the president of the Saloni Nautici Internazionali D’Italia, Gennaro Amato, recalled: “The 2023 edition marked an important turning point in the project that we have been carrying out since 2020. Agreements with the institutions, not only local, with BolognaFiere and special initiatives, with other exhibitions running alongside ours in the fairgrounds such as Auto e Moto d’Epoca and Show Time: all this has allowed the show to record a 300% increase in visitors compared to last year” .
A more than positive balance also in view of next year’s fair, which will take place approximately, as Amato recalled in his final speech, from 19 to 27 October.

Salone Nautico Bologna 2023: a permanent fair for the sector

If the data supports the balance sheet of the 2023 edition, the Bologna project for 2024 certainly has all the numbers to continue its growth. Also focusing on the idea of planning, in agreement with the Emilia-Romagna Region, a permanent fair for the sector, allowing sea lovers to be able to access a portal that will illustrate the ongoing productivity for the year 2024, and will also represent a “bridge” until the next appointment in the Emilian capital.

Gennaro Amato awarded

Meanwhile in Bologna the Campania productivity of medium and small boating, compared to the many regions present, has garnered not only public approval but also official recognition.
This is the case of the Starmar shipyard for inflatable boats by Roberto De Salvi (Monte di Procida – Na), of the Tirrenia shipyard producing gozzos by the entrepreneur Antonio Tiano (Pozzuoli – Na), of Nautica Mediterranea Yachting by the entrepreneur Ugo Lanzetta for the new motorboat Z340 (Cuma NA), awarded with the Blue Award 2023.
Surprisingly, at the Salone Nautico Bologna 2023 Gennaro Amato was also awarded for his commitment to the sector. The award was presented to him by Snidi councilor Stanislao Esposito and the General Secretary of Afina (Italian Nautical Supply Chain Association) Ugo Lanzetta.