Smart Building Expo 2023: growing numbers

Smart Building Expo 2023
[:it]Smart Building Expo 2023[:]

Everything is ready for Smart Building Expo 2023, dedicated to home and building automation and technological integration, scheduled at Fiera Milano (Rho) from 15 to 17 November and organized by Fiera Milano and Pentastudio.
This year there will be 137 exhibitors arriving from 15 countries, with the largest representation from Germany, France, China and Holland.
It will be an opportunity to meet the protagonists of change and to become part of the professional community entrusted with the task of transforming the concept of living, making it sustainable. A sector that will have the difficult task of transforming over 10 million obsolete housing units in our country into green buildings in the coming years.

Focus of the proposal Smart Building Expo 2023 technologies, systems, management and control platforms, integrated solutions that allow the building to transform from a consumer into an energy prosumer and from a simple “shelter” into a provider of high added value services. Many sectors are involved: from health to training, from entertainment to mobility with a return in terms of energy efficiency, safety, comfort and sustainability.

The technological integration of new systems is in fact a fundamental tool for making the building smart and green, characteristics that express two sides of the same coin and allow us to connect to the “green new deal” which has become the strategic objective of all of Europe and a piece

The focuses of the four Arenas

The layout of Smart Building Expo 2023 is characterized by the four Innovation Squares, created with the support of partners from the associative and publishing world. The aim of the Squares is to provide a vertical insight into some markets that revolve around the evolution of buildings and smart cities. The spaces are divided into Arena Rinnovabili, managed by the newspaper to address some of the hottest issues of the energy transition. In the Home and Building Automation Arena entrusted to Smart Buildings Alliance Italia, a cross-section of the most current issues in the sector: from network architecture to digital building infrastructure, with a presentation of the R2S (ready to service) protocol, from ‘edge computing at the service of the building up to the concept of digital energy. At Smart Building Expo 2023 Arena System Integration will delve into the key issues related to the use of BMS and BACS systems for the integration of the main building systems. Finally, in the AV Playground Arena, a contact between the producers of technologies and applications and the so-called “end users”, i.e. the vast panorama of areas in which the use of professional audio video systems constitutes an increasingly important resource.