57a Lucca Comics & Games celebrates its first 30 years

57a Lucca Comics & Games
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The 57a Lucca Comics & Games will start from November 1st to 5th, organized by Lucca Crea with the Municipality of Lucca.

Five years later, the festival returns in its most impressive edition, in an embrace that envelops the entire Tuscan city, transforming it into the world capital of pop culture for 5 days. And this thanks to the over 45,000 m2 of exhibition area (10% more than in 2022) to increasingly improve the community experience.
There will be more than 300 artists present, including 45 international guests from the United States, Japan, Spain, France, South Korea, China, Canada, England, Argentina, Israel, Turkey, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Belgium. A real “world championship” – brought to the field by 61 publishing houses (where there have been some defections – ed.) – in which comics readers of all ages will be able to enjoy live meetings, copy signings, previews, variants covers and exclusive events.
2023 is an important year for 57a Lucca Comics & Games. For this historic occasion, the Grog mascot also gets a new look. After a first interpretation by Roberto Giomi, the digital restyling by Marco Bianchini for the tenth anniversary, and the interpretation by Marco Soresina in 2013, the restyling by master Karl Kopinski arrives for the thirty-year anniversary. That is, the artist who perhaps most represented the last decade of the history of the festival and in particular of the Games world.

57a Lucca Comics & Games: Grog according to Lillo

A story told by several narrators. One for all: Lillo Petrolo the second ambassador of the event, together with the already announced Joe Manganiello.
Appreciated painter of miniatures, winner of numerous competitions, the exhibition “Lillo and the Grog: journey to the center of model making” is dedicated to Lillo and his masters, at Palazzo Arnolfini. Here it will also be possible to admire the miniatures painted by Josè Da Vinci, Sergio Calvo Rubio, Arnau Lazaro, Fabrizio Russo, Francesco Farabi, David Arroba, Max Richiero, Pietro Balloni, Luciano Leni, Giovanni Bosio, Alessandro Marinone, just to name a few. Inside the 57th Lucca Comics & Games there is a corner dedicated to Grog, sculpted by Silvia Corso, produced by Greebo and exceptionally painted by Lillo himself. Finally, on November 2nd, Lillo will be the protagonist of the main event on the stage of the Grog Live Show, which will see him and Joe Manganiello pitted against each other in an ironic meeting/clash as Grog and Arkhan and will meet the public at the Teatro del Giglio.

The 2023 exhibitions at Palazzo Ducale

57a Lucca Comics & Games https://www.luccacomicsandgames.com/it/2023/home/, subtitled “Together”, started with the inauguration of the 7 exhibitions set up in the rooms of Palazzo Ducale in the Tuscan city on 14 October. In the prestigious frescoed venue, the exhibitions are among the most anticipated events of all the universes celebrated within the festival and constitute the flagship of the cultural program of the event.
From the Masters of international comics to the artistic creations linked to the world of fantasy, from illustration to visions deeply connected with the world of classical art, artists are celebrated with real “personal exhibitions”.