4a Salone Nautico di Bologna: new partnerships

4a Salone Nautico di Bologna
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The 4a Salone Nautico di Bologna is preparing to open its doors from 21st to 29th October. Organized by Saloni Nautici Internazionali d’Italia (SNIDI), this year the event sees dozens of exhibitors and boats, between 5 and 16 metres, which will “invade” the over 20 thousand square metres.
In the showcase, visitors will be able to observe the best of Italian pleasure boating – from gozzos to dinghies, to motorboats, as well as accessories and services from the nautical supply chain – representing a sector that in 2021 recorded 75.6% of the entire productivity national measuring a turnover of 6.1 billion euros.
The exhibition square meters increase, going from 18 thousand to 20 thousand, thanks to pavilions 19 and 14 which will host the event. Finally, the collaboration initiative with the Auto e Moto d’Epoca fair, which will take place almost simultaneously (from 26 to 29 October).
The participation of the main brands of yachts, dinghies, gozzos and motorboats is confirmed again this year at the 4a Salone Nautico di Bologna, while there will be over 60 exhibitors representing around 180 brands.

The agreement between Bologna and Naples is born

Among the novelties of this edition, in addition to everything relating to products and services, it is also worth mentioning the framework agreement signed between BolognaFiere and SNIDI. An agreement that provides for a mutual commitment to collaborate to guarantee the success and development of the Bolognese event.
On the occasion of the 4a Salone Nautico di Bologna, the partnership between the city administrations of Naples and Bologna was also born.
In this regard, the speech by Gennaro Amato, president of SNIDI, should be mentioned, who after citing the national turnover and foreign export data of Italian pleasure boating which has been growing sharply for 5 years now, applauds the new partnership.
“Having found full willingness in the First Citizens of Bologna and Naples, venues of international boat shows, to create a virtuous system involving private institutional and entrepreneurial forces, to support small and medium-sized Italian pleasure boating (6/15 metres), represents an important step. The implementation of projects for the construction of ports, financed by private entrepreneurs and companies in the sector, under institutional supervision and management, as the Neapolitan municipal administration is doing, is certainly a turning point that favors the recreational nautical system. At the same time, the executive will of the municipal administration of Bologna, in supporting the 4a Salone Nautico di Bologna https://salonenauticobologna.it/ in a capital that is not washed by the sea, represents a management intelligence that does not stop at concepts geographical, but seizes the opportunities for territorial development thanks to trade fair tourism as has happened for years in Düsseldorf, home of the largest European boating show”.
“A protocol agreement between Matteo Lepore and Gaetano Manfredi for the support and development of medium and small boating which represents a first step for the creation of an important axis between Bologna and Naples, capitals of the reference regions of the Adriatic Riviera and the lower Tyrrhenian side, concluded Amato”.