Smau 2023: solutions involving AI rewarded

Smau 2023
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From 18 to 19 October at FieraMilanoCity Smau 2023 is the reference event in Italy on innovation and startups. An event where you can find new proposals, ideas and partners to rely on to build the future of your business together. Over 50 free workshops to update you on the latest trends and networking events to meet the true protagonists of change and create new partnerships.
The Live Show program is also structured, where it will be possible, in 50 minutes, to learn about the innovation experiences of companies and organizations which, during the event, will receive the Smau Innovation Award.
Originally limited to the Office Machinery and Equipment Exhibition – hence the acronym Smau -, Smau 2023 represents a European platform for sharing knowledge and creating networking on innovation, currently fueled by a circuit of initiatives on the national territory and from some stops abroad.

Artificial Intelligence and its practical impact

In 2022 in Italy, the Artificial Intelligence market reached 500 million euros with a growth of 32% compared to 2021 and attracted the interest of companies which, to respond to the change in the sector, sought solutions to their needs of innovation in startups in full Open Innovation perspective.
Among the many Italian case histories, the organizers of Smau 2023 have selected 7 Artificial Intelligence-based solutions, born from the collaboration between Snam, Edison, Carrefour Italia, Douglas, Novamont, Gruppo Reda and Ferrovie dello Stato and as many startups.
Examples that will receive the Smau Innovation Award in Milan.

“Open Innovation is also and above all this: the possibility for large companies to draw on the skills of companies external to their own to respond to a need for innovation that accompanies market change and improves the work performance of employees. Organizations such as Snam, Edison, Carrefour Italia, Douglas, Novamont, Gruppo Reda and Ferrovie dello Stato demonstrate an ever-increasing interest in this form of collaboration and, for this reason, on 18 and 19 October they will collect the Smau Innovation Award in Milan, a recognition dedicated to companies that have made themselves available to share their innovation strategy so that other companies can take the same path as them”  as explained by Valentina Sorgato, CEO of Smau.
At Smau 2023, together with the companies, the start-ups that have developed the different solutions will also be rewarded. As we say, for Carrefour Italia it has created a service based on Generative AI technology to improve the customer experience. O nCore which entrusted the repetitive activities of Douglas Italia recruiters to Artificial Intelligence which carried out an initial screening to propose the most suitable candidates.
Mine Crime has developed the “Stationland” platform for Ferrovie dello Stato, which uses artificial intelligence to collect station attendance data, including shops, businesses, platforms and more with the aim of identifying commercial opportunities, measuring commercial desirability of station spaces, evaluate the spending capacity of the local population and more.