Macfrut 2024, the strength of diversity

Macfrut 2024
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Some new features of Macfrut 2024, the international fruit and vegetable fair scheduled at the Rimini Expo Center from 8 to 10 May next year, have been anticipated.
Three assets of the 41st edition: business, central element of the trade fair proposal; knowledge, “certified” by the presence of a team of experts who coordinate the various shows and guarantee quality in the contents of the news events. Finally, networking, with meetings organized by the fair, thanks to a team that organizes hundreds of B2Bs for exhibitors with buyers from all over the world (1500 in the last edition) thanks to the fundamental support of Ice-Agenzia.

Macfrut 2024: increasingly international

To underline the international nature of the trade fair event, the presentation took place at Expo Doha 2023 in the presence of government, academic and associative institutions, as well as Renzo Piraccini, president of the fair.
Expo Doha 2023 is the universal exhibition dedicated to horticulture promoted by the Bureau International des Expositions which will take place until 28 March 2024. “Green Desert, Better Environment” is the underlying theme of this exhibition, with the aim of illustrating the techniques that enable the sustainable cultivation of trees and crops in arid lands. There is an Italian Pavilion created by ICE Agency with the coordination of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.
Renzo Piraccini, President of Macfrut 2024: “In the panorama of world fruit and vegetable fairs, ours is characterized by some peculiarities that distinguish it from all the others. A distinctiveness that will be even more marked in the 2024 edition, in the name of innovation and the internationalization of the entire supply chain. The distinctive features are the strong business orientation, a central element for an international fair; the quality of the contents of the shows, guaranteed by a team of international experts who collaborate with the fair. The scheduling of the meetings between exhibitors and buyers from all over the world, carried out already in the months preceding the event by a specialized pool of people”.

The Macfrut 2024 Academy is born

The diversity of Macfrut becomes even more marked with the birth of the Macfrut Academy, a digital platform that will involve exhibitors and visitors to the fair for the entire year. Through video lessons held by experts and available in English, Spanish, French and Italian, topics relating to some supply chains will be explored in depth. The first video Academy is scheduled for November 9th (5pm Italian time) with a focus on the potato supply chain, from harvesting to packaging.
Innovation Hub For Healthy Food will also make its debut, an exhibition dedicated to sustainable products and transformation technologies for the production of functional foods with high nutritional value. Also the first edition of the Agrivoltaic Exhibition by Key, created in partnership with Key – The Energy Transition Expo.
The new exhibition in Macfrut 2024 will be a vertical showcase on the opportunities offered by the possibility of integrating agricultural production with photovoltaic energy generation, which represents an enormous opportunity for the country to achieve its objectives of decarbonization of our economy.