47a Hotel: main focus will be food

47a Hotel
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From 23 to 26 October, the 47a Hotel, an international event dedicated to the hotel and gastronomic industry, will take place in the Bolzano trade fair district.
The 47th edition focuses on innovation, nutrition, architecture and the difficult and controversial topic of human resources.

The Hotel Connects Stage, the stage between the aisles, will also represent one of the key places of the event in this edition, where various events will be concentrated. Another important location will be FieraMesse H1 Eventspace, which will host the main networking moments.

The case history of Contrada Bricconi

Each of the four days of the 47a Hotel will focus on a main theme: Sustainable Intelligence, Food, Wine and Human Resources.
The theme of food will be the center of attention on Tuesday 24 October, the second day of the event. After the presentation of the Falstaff guide on the wines and restaurants of Alto Adige 2024, there will be an award ceremony for the businesses at the main Hotel Connects Stage.
On this occasion, there will be two interesting and innovative events at the 47a Hotel. The first – “The mountain lives again with a new model of agriculture and catering: the young reality of Contrada Bricconi in the province of Bergamo” – sees at its center a new format that blends innovation and tradition through the practice of sustainable agriculture and the offer of high quality catering. During this presentation, Giacomo Perletti, one of the partners of Contrada Bricconi, together with chef Michele Lazzarini, will talk about the mountain transformed into a pole of economic growth. An example that can serve as inspiration for a sustainable future in mountain communities.

Hospitality and sustainability

The second event scheduled at the 47a Hotel will be dedicated to “The agri-tourism project of Villa Petriolo in Tuscany: a sustainable farm that blends hospitality, well-being and haute cuisine while respecting the environment”. Villa Petriolo is an example of how it is possible to combine agriculture, top-level hospitality and sustainability in a perfect balance. Daniele Nannetti, owner and manager of Villa Petriolo, together with Stefano Pinciaroli, chef of the PS restaurant, will explain how this structure has successfully integrated agricultural production, the well-being of its guests, environmental protection and culinary excellence.

47a Hotel: “Vinea Tirolensis” returns

For the first time, FieraMesse H1 Eventspace will host “Vinea Tirolensis”, the annual tasting of independent winemakers. One hundred winemakers and a great passion: here are the independent winemakers of Alto Adige united by their commitment to viticulture that brings 100% from the vine to the glass.
A commitment recognized and rewarded over the years. Suffice it to say that almost a third of the awards awarded to Alto Adige wine producers by the main Italian wine guides were awarded to independent winemakers.
This edition of the 47th Hotel www.fieramesse.com/hotel will see as guests the winemakers of Friuli Venezia Giulia who will present their fine wines.