Mimit – Ministry of Business and Made in Italy and Aefi


The partnership is born between Aefi, which has 50 members with 42 exhibition centers where 96% of national and international events take place, and the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy (Mimit). The main objective will be the development of various activities ranging from the organization of events to communication. A partnership which, by intensifying promotional initiatives, consolidates the role of the national exhibition industry, second in Europe and fourth in the world.

The role of Palazzo Piacentini

Carry out projects to enhance the excellence of the Italian trade fair system, an appointment and showcase for the country’s manufacturing and industrial companies and the creativity of the manufacturing system.
For Mimit, Minister of Business and Made in Italy, Adolfo Urso: “The fairs that Aefi represents are many and all aimed at promoting our excellence. Made in Italy is taking on an increasingly broader meaning that goes beyond any narrow categorization. It is no longer just a label, but a brand that certifies the place where it is produced, and above all the way of doing things. This is why I am very satisfied with the agreement signed, which will open Palazzo Piacentini (home of Mimit, ed.) to many initiatives to enhance the excellence of the exhibition system at a national and international level. The Mimit’s main atrium will become a true showcase of a living and contemporary Made in Italy”.
An agreement that strengthens the already fruitful cooperation with the Ministry of Business and Made in Italy. Because, as Maurizio Danese, president of Aefi, commented: “Italian trade fairs are a natural business incubator for our industrial districts as well as a fundamental lever for the internationalization of SMEs. A mission that sees us active in working in favor of the Italian system.”
The activities indicated in the agreement range from the creation of exhibitions, exhibitions and video installations to the organization and promotion of events of common interest also at the Mimit offices. And again: from the creation of communication campaigns to the identification of projects that have the aim of facilitating the transition processes towards the environmental, social and economic sustainability of companies, as well as further initiatives in line with the objectives also at other locations institutions and abroad

The numbers of the exhibition market

The Italian exhibition industry, with its national and international events, generates an impact on the territories – between services, transport and hospitality and wages – quantifiable in over 22 billion euros per year of production, for an added value estimated at 10, 6 billion euros equal to 0.7% of GDP (Aefi/Prometeia research, 2022).
A sector which also develops trade fair tourism which exceeds 10 billion euros per year in production value, corresponding to an added value of 4.8 billion euros, with an employment impact estimated at around 90 thousand workers (Aefi/ Prometeia 2023).