26a Ecomondo: the ecosystem of the ecological transition

26a Ecomondo
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The 26a Ecomondo will take place from 7 to 10 November in the Rimini exhibition center. The 2023 edition, organized by Italian Exhibition Group, is a leader in the Mediterranean area when it comes to the circular economy. Over 1,500 exhibiting brands will be hosted on the 150 thousand m2 of exhibition space (+10% compared to 2022).
Over 300 high profile buyers from abroad and 280 delegates. The buyers will participate in business meetings with the exhibitors, thanks also to the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and the ICE Agency which collaborate in the network of over 20 Ieg regional advisors. The buyers come from Europe, North Africa, Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Canada, the United States and India.
For the first time, the 26a Ecomondo will occupy the entire Rimini fair district, after the spin-off of Key 2023, the renewable energy sources exhibition which was held in March.

Meetings internationally

This year too, the 26a Ecomondo will be inaugurated by the States General of the Green Economy, managed by the Sustainable Development Foundation and promoted by the National Council made up of 65 green economy business organizations in Italy, in collaboration with Mase.
As regards the conference part, approximately 170 events will take place during the four days. Of these 70 with a scientific, economic, technical and scenario slant directed by the Scientific Technical Committee in collaboration with the main institutional and technical partners of the event, together with the international board which includes experts from the European Commission, OECD, FAO, UfM, Eea , Iswa.

Four new exhibition districts

There are six thematic macro-areas of the 26a Ecomondo: Waste as Resource, Sites & Soil Restoration, Circular & Regenerative Bio-economy, Bio-Energy & Agroecology, Water Cycle & Blue Economy, Environmental Monitoring & Control.
From the valorisation of waste into resources, to the regeneration of soils and agro-forestry and food ecosystems. From the energy obtained from biomass to the use of waste as secondary raw materials, from the entire integrated water cycle to environmental monitoring, protection of the seas and aqueous environments in their essential function for food sustenance and human economic activities.
Four new exhibition districts at the 26a Ecomondo https://www.ecomondo.com, dedicated to textiles, paper, innovation, with the area for start-ups, the green jobs & skills desk, and the large space that will be dedicated to blue economy.
The event will also host the biennial SAL.VE Salone del Veicolo per l’Ecologia, in partnership with Anfia. The main manufacturers of vehicles for ecological waste and garbage collection and disposal services, with electric propulsion and an area for test drives, will be present.