BTO 2023 Be Travel Onlife looks at the AI revolution

BTO 2023
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BTO 2023 Be Travel Onlife will take place from 22 to 23 November at Stazione Leopolda in Florence. This year’s guiding theme is “Sapiens – Humans meet AI”. And the program outlined by the Advisory Board, made up of over 80 Italian experts – very rich and international – will revolve around the topic of the moment, namely Artificial Intelligence. But with an original cut.
In the new scenarios outlined by powerful Artificial Intelligence, generative AI software, and by ChatGpt in particular, we note a profound revolution with strong economic, social and ethical implications. However, unlike the current debate, mainly polarized on the conflict between artificial and human intelligence, this event was instead imagined as a journey that overcomes the contrast between the two elements.
At BTO 2023 Be Travel Onlife we will focus above all on the human factor – as the “Sapiens” in the title of this edition also recalls – central above all in tourism, trying to give answers to the questions that all operators in the long tourism chain ask themselves .
What are the timing of this revolution? What are the short-term impacts? And what are the spaces for intelligence and human interactions? Above all, how will the very concept of “relationship” evolve?

The common denominator will be innovation

Even the new graphic version, which has been online for a few days, follows the central theme of BTO 2023 Be Travel Onlife and represents, in an innovative and bold way, the process of attunement between man and artificial intelligence.
The event will host other moments linked to specific themes but with innovation as a common denominator. Come Italy Ambassador Awards (IAW) the first Italian award for the best influencers, content creators and bloggers from all over the world who promote Italy. While Hospitality Project Investment in Tuscany is an event focused on the world of investments in the tourism sector, on hotel development, on the opportunities that the territory offers and on the related presentation of projects.
Finally, the formalization of the agreement with Phocuswright, the main authority in travel research, involves the presentation of research launched specifically for the Florentine event, dedicated to AI applications in the world of tourism and their impact in the coming years.

The “BTO on Tour” is born

While waiting for BTO 2023 Be Travel Onlife, the ten winners of the call for Young Speaker have been revealed, an initiative aimed at looking at the future of tourism through the eyes of those who will be its protagonists. After the success of 2022, even more proposals have arrived in recent weeks, from academic research to start-ups, through market analyzes and experiences that have become good practices.
The latest innovation is the “BTO on Tour”, i.e. a series of meetings in some Italian territories with a strong tourist vocation which are taking place in this period in collaboration with the Italian Chambers of Commerce System. After the first stop in Alta Valtellina, the tour will arrive in Siena on 17 October and in Pietrasanta on 7 November.