Aziende Ucraine: Italian Exhibition Group with InOut and TTG

Aziende Ucraine
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Since the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, Italian Exhibition Group, which manages the structures in Rimini and Vicenza, has made itself available to support the country and Aziende Ucraine under attack both with humanitarian aid and with concrete initiatives to relaunch the economy .
An availability in line with that offered by Aefi to the Minister of Made in Italy Adolfo Urso and to the Ukrainian Embassy in Italy to support the export of Ukrainian companies, hosting them with free spaces at the exhibition facilities that have accepted the appeal.

The participation of Aziende Ucraine

In particular, the Rimini Fair, which insists on an area that has always been welcoming and supportive, responded to the first requests. And so at InOut, the new contract exhibition that brings together Sia, Sun, Superfaces, Greenscape and which will be held at the same time as TTG Travel Experience from 11 to 13 October, four leading Aziende Ucraine in the textile sectors will be hosted and lighting engineering.
These companies will be located in Pavilion D5, in front of the Buyers Lounge of the Rimini exhibition centre. The layout of the IEG designers involves the creation of an island made up of 4 stands with customized graphics for a total of approximately 100 square meters occupied.
Mg Group is a modern manufacturer and example of Aziende Ucraine of lighting fixtures, decorative structures and lighting systems for commercial properties, industrial enterprises, logistics centers and residential premises. It has a large catalog of products made in full cycle on innovative and high-tech equipment in its production facilities. Clayp, on the other hand, designs, creates and markets designer lamps conceived according to eco-compatibility criteria. Sumytextile is a textile company, engaged in the creation and sale of clothing. Finally, Fop Devo O.P., specialized in natural hemp fabrics and Ukrainian hemp fibre.

The numbers of the Italy-Ukraine trade

Italy imports mainly agricultural products from Aziende Ucraine, and in particular soft wheat and corn. The value in 2021 stood at 3.3 billion euros, while in 2022, with the war underway, the value dropped to 1.9 billion, -40.9%. Then comparing the first quarter of ’22 and the first quarter of ’23 we see a further decline in imports (27.3%).
Our exports to Ukraine mainly concern agricultural machinery, mechanical, chemical and mineral products. In 2021 they amounted to an equivalent value of 2.1 billion, which fell to 1.3 billion in 2022 (-37.3%). In the comparison of exports from Italy to Ukraine between the first quarter 22 and the first quarter 23 we instead recorded an increase of 41.8%: from 346 million to 491. (Source Infomercatiesteri / Ministry of Foreign Affairs)