Mercanteinfiera Autunno 2023: the world of collecting

Mercanteinfiera Autunno 2023
[:it]Mercanteinfiera Autunno 2023[:]

At Fiere di Parma Mercanteinfiera Autunno 2023 will open its doors from 30 September to 8 October, while 28 and 29 September will be dedicated to operators.
The autumn event dedicated to antiques, modern art and collectibles returns after the success of the spring edition. An edition that recorded fifty thousand visitors, around 1000 exhibitors, hundreds of objects sold abroad and the surprise of over 5000 buyers.
A true antiques city in which more than a thousand exhibitors, from all the European antiques markets, show off their discoveries to tens of thousands of professional visitors, collectors and memory enthusiasts.
In Parma, in the heart of Emilia and Italy, you will be able to choose from thousands of pieces of different styles, check market trends, discover new collection chains, combine business with a stay in the capital of the Food Valley, the city of cuisine but also music and art.
Also during Mercanteinfiera Autunno 2023 it will be an opportunity to experience the variety that has distinguished this event for over forty years. An event that allows you to take an authentic journey through time, among furnishing components, works of art, jewellery, furniture and vintage experiences.

The three collaterals of this edition

At Mercanteinfiera Autunno 2023 the corkscrew will be the protagonist of the first collateral “In vino veritas: the infinite forms of the corkscrew”, curated by Giancarlo Gonizzi, director of the Food Museums of Parma.
An everyday object designed for the first time by Leonardo Da Vinci, who left us a series of sketches in the Codex Atlanticus (1482 -1499). In fact, its origins date back to the 15th century. From then on there was a succession of innovations and patents: at the beginning of the 19th century the “butterfly” corkscrew was born; in 1828, in France, the “tap” one and ten years later the “double screw” one. To obtain the first Italian patent it was necessary to wait until 1864. Then the “rack” or “pinion” corkscrews and the “crank” corkscrews were born, which resembled mini coffee grinders. The corkscrew that we know best, “with lateral levers”, dates back to the end of the nineteenth century.
At Mercanteinfiera Autunno 2023 there are those who collect corkscrews and those who instead “collect” Bob Dylan, like Paolo Brillo, who armed “only” with perseverance and a camera, immortalized every moment of the concerts of the great American singer-songwriter. Result: a book, “No Such Thing As Forever”, and 250 shots documenting 30 years of concerts, a selection of which can be admired in the collateral “Paolo Brillo. Stolen Moments. Bob Dylan and Other Music Icons” in collaboration with the Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea Gallery in Milan.
The third collateral will be “Stolen Moments” which also offers “Communicating fashion: identity, transformation and gender imagery (1960-1980)” in collaboration with CSAC Archive”. A reading of the multiple connections between makeover culture, media and gender studies starting from the study of the original materials preserved in the Fashion Archives of the Study Center and Archive of Visual Communication of Parma.