125a Fieracavalli: reconfirmations and new spaces

124a Fieracavalli
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From 9 to 12 November, the 125a Fieracavalli will be at Veronafiere. And while waiting to open its doors, the organizers are working starting from what they consider a priority: the comfort of exhibitors, visitors and riders. And above all the well-being of the over 2,000 horses present during the event.
Within the Horse Safety Loop safety project it is in fact possible to find a renewed map of the neighborhood, improvements inside the boxes and pavilions, as well as an updated code of ethics to make an event that makes the elective relationship between man increasingly safer and his figure is animal.
Meanwhile, the 125a Fieracavalli confirms itself as the only Italian stage of the Show Jumping World Cup until 2027. With this reconfirmation, the centrality of the event in the panorama of equestrian sports is reaffirmed.
For another four years, therefore, the Verona fair will be the sole and exclusive stage of the Italian stage of the Longines FEI Jumping Word Cup. Since 2001, the prestigious show jumping World Cup circuit has stopped in the competition field set up in the spaces of the international show of reference for the equestrian world.

Communicating 125 years

Promote the importance of synergy within the horse-rider duo, so that the animal’s well-being is always put in the foreground. Mario Sbrana, “lord of reining” and Asia d’Acquarone, rider of the Liberty Stables equestrian center and certified by Parelli and Fise, are ready to demonstrate to the public of the 125th Fieracavalli the preparation techniques for fascinating and complicated disciplines such as Reining, Jumping and Dressage.
And they will do it with an approach based entirely on trust and communication. To learn more about these disciplines and the methods of Mario and Asia, the appointment is in pavilion 12.
Meanwhile, the celebrations for the 125a anniversary of the event continue, which celebrates the history of all those who have made their passion for the equestrian world their lifestyle.
This time the protagonists are Stefano who with his AC Mirak tells the story of the ancient art of farriery, and Isabel, emblem of the new generation of horse watchers.

A space dedicated to Italian food and wine products

The 125a Fieracavalli https://fieracavalli.it/it/ is an extraordinary opportunity to share the passion for the equestrian world, but also to discover, through the horse – centuries-old ambassador of the territory – the beauty and variety of rural resources Italian.
Thus was born the Rural Tourism and Typical Products Exhibition, a space hosted inside Pavilion 1 and which will feature the best Italian food and wine products, a true expression of the unique heritage of our territories.