RemTech Expo 2023 opens in Ferrara Fiere

RemTech Expo 2023
[:it]RemTech Expo 2023[:]

Organized from 20th to 21st in digital form and from 22nd to 24th September at Ferrara Fiere, the 15th Edition of RemTech Expo 2023 kicks off, a permanent international technological hub on the themes of redevelopment, regeneration and sustainable development of territories (blended edition). It is the only permanent international event focused on the themes of reclamation, coasts, instability, climate, seismic, urban regeneration, sustainable industry.

It is made up of nine segments: Remtech E Remtech Europe remediation of contaminated sites, Coast for the protection of coasts, ports, sustainability, Esonda with a focus on hydrogeological instability, floods, landslides. And again: ClimeTech (climate change, mitigation, adaptation), Geoseismic (seismic risk, prevention, reconstruction), Inertia (sustainable material works, circular economy), Rigeneracity (urban regeneration, social housing), ChemTech (innovative and sustainable chemical industry) .
RemTech Expo 2023 also includes Restauro Innovation & Technology (RestauroTech), a spin-off of RemTech Expo which will highlight recent technological innovations in the field of contemporary restoration, new materials, instruments, with a focus on augmented reality, safety, systems, green building, protocols energy-environmental and the new Campania Technology Hub, a task force created to promote the value of rehabilitation in the region.

An international laboratory

RemTech Expo 2023 presents itself as a high-profile technical event, unique in the world. The best professionals, the best experiences and the best minds working on topics such as the remediation of polluted sites, urban regeneration and the sustainable economy are concentrated around this event, born and raised in Ferrara.
“Very current issues that now have a significant history, a concrete present and above all an important future for the fate of the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants – Andrea Moretti, president of Ferrara Fiere Congressi, recalled during the press conference –. For this reason I hope that the event can also contribute to stimulating consciences and generating awareness in all those who understand and welcome the importance of safeguarding the planet”.

RemTech Expo 2023: solutions for a different future

The departure was made official by general manager Silvia Paparella, who spoke at the presentation press conference which saw the presence of several guests.
“RemTech is not just a moment of representation and sharing of the state of the art and future prospects. But it is above all a network of national and international experts, which operates on a permanent basis and in which the public sector and the private sector have way to discuss and dialogue in a constructive and effective way and to share impulses and inspirations, but also strategies and programs to be activated in the near future”, declared Silvia Paparella.
This year the organizers of RemTech Expo 2023 wanted to redefine and rethink spaces, contents, experiences and activities. A “revolution” which aims to restart at a national and international level to concretely imagine solutions for a more sustainable future.