Agrilevante October 2023: Mediterranean agriculture meets

Agrilevante october 2023
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Agrilevante October 2023 will return from 5 to 8 October, the seventh edition of the event which will take place at the Bari Fair. The fair is dedicated to machinery, systems and technologies for agriculture and represents the most important event in the agricultural field not only for central and southern Italy, but for the entire Mediterranean basin, Balkan Europe and the Middle East. In the Apulian event, particular focus will be given to the livestock sector.
In fact, during the trade fair, machines for haymaking, for feeding on farms and for managing stables will be on display, as well as specific electronic and IT technologies to govern livestock farms in a rational, sustainable and above all respectful way for the well-being of the animals. bred species.
Another strong point of the livestock section of Agrilevante October 2023 will also be the exhibition of cattle, horses, sheep, as well as farmyard animals, of which FederUnacoma, which brings together manufacturers of agricultural machinery, is the organizer in collaboration with the Italian Breeders Association – AIA, with its regional section ARA Puglia and with the organizational structure of AgriUmbria.

The best of the livestock heritage

The visiting public will witness the spectacle of over 500 livestock animals. Animals representing the most prized native breeds: from the Gentile di Puglia sheep to the Italian Mediterranean buffalo. There will be no shortage of examples of the Limousine, Marchigiana, Maremmana, Podolica, Romagnola and Jersey breeds, as well as the Murgese and Haflinger horses, the fast heavy draft horse and the Martina Franca donkey. Together with other valuable breeds that enrich the Italian livestock heritage.
The program developed by AIA and ARA Puglia foresees that in the livestock area of Agrilevante October 2023, hosted in the large outdoor tensile structures located in area 71 of the exhibition centre, near the Agriculture entrance, occupying an area of 4,400 meters squares, competitions for the morphological evaluation of bovine specimens are also held. Competitions reserved for young farmers and agricultural technical and professional institutes. Furthermore, several attitudinal horse shows will take place.

Attention to new technologies

Conferences and information events are planned by breeders’ associations. Of note is the “Zootechnics 4.0” seminar, organized by FederUnacoma in the Desk area of the exhibition. The guiding theme within Agrilevante October 2023 will be the most advanced applications of robotics, sensors and the Internet of Things in the field of the zootechnical “smart farm”.
The meeting, which will also deal with aspects relating to the quality of production and biosecurity, aims to underline how new technologies are a fundamental support for creating productions inspired by environmental ethics and respect for farmed species.